Domino's MY teases Pizza Hut's 'Dominic' search engine result on Google


Domino's Pizza Malaysia has poked fun at Pizza Hut Malaysia's search result, which allegedly said "Pizza Hut Special Promo | Better Than Dominic | Free Delivery". In a Twitter post, Domino's tweeted at Pizza Hut and asked who Dominic was and if he was handsome. "Is his pizza delicious? Why don't you try and give me feedback? P.S. Where is that shop?" the tweet added.


Netizens were tickled by the tweet, with some jokingly encouraging both brands to "fight" while one told Domino's and Pizza Hut to "get a room". Meanwhile, another netizen tweeted that Dominic might be a new flavour at Domino's, while another asked the brands how much they spend on targeting consumers via Google Ads.

One netizen even rallied consumers to vote which pizza brand they prefer - Domino's, Pizza Hut or Dominic. Interestingly, Domino's came out on top with 49% of votes followed by Dominic (39%) and Pizza Hut (12%). A+M has reached out to Pizza Hut for comment.

Meanwhile, Nando's Malaysia was also roped in to mediate the situation. In response, Nando's asked Domino's and Pizza Hut to chill, adding that it is currently very hazy and not to add fire to the situation. Instead, they should embrace peace and love.

Domino's replied: He or she who wants to 'clear the air', wants to know who Dominic is. Do you know him?"  To which, Nando's said: "Maybe cause it's too hazy, there is a typo. Sorry la."

Domino's continued with the banter, adding that because of the thick haze, Dominic cannot be seen. "If you happen to see him, please tell him okay?" it added.

Do you know who Dominic is?