DHL and F1 to give away the Pit Stop Award

Continuing its partnership with Formula 1 and extending its long-standing role as a key behind-the-scenes player in F1, DHL has introduced the ‘DHL Pit Stop Award’ in 2015.

The award will go to the team that demonstrates the ability to work with speed and efficiency most consistently over the nineteen races of the 2015 season. The team with the highest amount of fastest pit stops during the entire season will win the competition and be honored at a special event in Abu Dhabi, the FIA Formula One World Championship finale.

“The ‘DHL Pit Stop Award’ is designed to recognise the unsung heroes who deliver great performance in support of the drivers who deliver the thrills on the track,” Herbert Vongpusanachai, senior vice president and managing director, DHL Express Singapore said.

“As a part of the team that works hard between races to ensure that F1 can deliver an unforgettable spectacle for fans, we are glad that we can showcase and recognise the planning, teamwork and commitment that often goes unseen, but which is essential to any winning performance.”

With its own dedicated staff at all circuits and a global transportation network that connects the race venues, as well as team and supplier facilities, DHL handles approximately 1600 - 2000 tons of freight per race by air, sea, and truck, in close cooperation with F1 Management.

Great connections throughout the world are one of DHL’s major strengths. The global DHL network leverages all modes of transport and can call on planes, trucks, boats and even helicopters at short notice to support urgent shipping requirements across all the world’s continents.

During the course of the year, a team’s racing cars will be transported over 100,000 kilometers between the nineteen Grand Prix venues on five continents. Ahead of the upcoming race in Singapore, they have traveled over 10,243 kilometers from Monza, Italy.