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Content Champions: Farm Fresh Milk Malaysia

Content Champions: Farm Fresh Milk Malaysia

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Malaysian milk brand Farm Fresh began with the desire of one man in Perak, Loi Tuan Ee, who wanted to produce fresh and pure dairy just as nature intended.

Noticing that many Malaysian brands were selling products made from reconstituted or powdered milk, he decided to purchase a small plot of land in Johor and import 60 Holstein Jersey cows from Australia, setting up Farm Fresh Milk.

Today, Farm Fresh Milk is available in all major cities in Malaysia and has products such as growing up milk (GUM), yogurt, goat's milk and more. 

Content Champions is a segment during MARKETING-INTERACTIVE's Content360 conference in Singapore in which we highlight brands who have made significant impact in the content marketing space through their campaigns. This campaign was shortlisted for Marketing Events Awards 2023 and chosen for coverage by the editorial team at MARKETING-INTERACTIVE. 

Campaign: The Honest Milk
Brand: Farm Fresh Malaysia


Farm Fresh believes that our children deserve better and wanted to shake up the industry with their new GUM, Farm Fresh Grow (FFG) that’s formulated with 100% pure dairy goodness with 0% hidden harmful ingredients.

Despite a healthier new product, changing moms’ behaviour proved to be challenging as they would naturally gravitate towards competitors’ brands that have been around for generations.

The brand found that while their target audience, the mums, trust product advertisements, they are more trusting of real-world information. 


Farm Fresh saw a gap in the market, finding that there were no brands in the GUM category that truthfully advertises what ingredients are in their products. Taking an informative approach to the campaign, the brand’s strategy was to become truth-tellers, more than just milk sellers. 

Its marketing objective were to achieve a high organic sales demand for its products to do well into the next quarter with ad campaigns. It also wanted to educate 70% of mums on the hidden harmful ingredients in GUM milk. 


To solve the problem, the brand came up with 'The Honest Milk'. 

With Malay moms as the majority of its audience, it focused on their content consumption. It found that Malay moms with toddlers are 14% more interested in TV content and show a 38% higher affinity in online videos versus average Malaysians.

It also found that these mums mainly watched nursery rhymes, grassroot founders of local companies, reality TV and celebrity music. It decided to put a twist into these types of content by coming up with "From Nursery Rhymes to Nursery Lies".

It shook up the industry by dominating moms’ video and social feeds with ‘Nursery Lies’ jolting moms with the truth of how GUM brands have Maltodextrin, vegetable oil and Calcium Carbonate and if they were honest, that these are what their ads would look like.

These nursery rhymes music videos were composed to the tune of popular nursery rhymes of Burung Kakak Tua, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Clap Your Hands. It detailed the harmful ingredients found in other GUM brands and their effect on children.

It also got its CEO and COO to publicly declare war against these ingredients and to amke a promise to produce a more honest milk for Malaysian children. The video details their own parenting journey and their own shocking discovery of hidden ingredients in GUM, leading to an honest promise that no other parents would have to face the same thing they did.

It's COO also stepped up on the most popular nationwide reality show, Gegar Vaganza as the public face of Farm Fresh Grow. It also partnered with singer Siti Nurhaliza who perfeormed her latest song on TV with the lyrics of the company's promises for a more honest milk.

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