Circles.Life aggressively pushes content, launches new blog after comedy show

Circles.Life has long branded itself as a telco "for the people, by the people". Keeping that in mind, it has created a new content blog, which it encourages users to submit content pieces such as tech reviews, recommendations of shows, or questions they would like answered. In its first blog post, it is added that if users become regular contributors, Circles.Life may even start paying them for their content. 

Accompanied with the caption "From the people, to the people. Real thoughts, stories and ideas," the blog, which is hosted on a stand-alone website, also places focus on its staff and employee branding. Its first content piece by one of its intern narrating his experience with Circles.Life before and after joining the company. It also featured its software engineer, who created the viral “Who Is More?” filter on Instagram.

In a statement to Marketing, a spokesperson from Circles.Life said the telco realised it has not been communicating enough to both its existing and potential customers, thus it wanted to provide a platform to serve content that is relevant from the telco and from the customers themselves. "We wanted to create a blog where we could give them content whilst also having a user-generated element which will allow users to contribute on topics they may find interesting," the spokesperson said, adding that this blog will be a new community space that will allow it to expand on reaching out to its prospects and customers on content that is relevant. The spokesperson also said it is a way to keep the users engaged, get valuable feedback on how Circles.Life can further improve its products/services and staying connected with users.
According to the spokesperson, the content pillar for Circles.Life's new blog will revolve around customer appreciation and stories, showing feedback by users and informing how the telco is addressing the pain points, and entertainment, which includes articles about current events that are informational, funny and engaging. "Our main highlight will be to allow this platform to become the voice of the customers- where customers can contribute to topics around our products, hot topics (eg 5G), new features, technology and even lifestyle elements since we have our non-telco products Discover and Daily Poll," the spokesperson said. It is added that the blog will also be used to update on critical information as well as some pieces contributed by employees. The blog is lead by Circles.Life's main copywriter Immanuel Sak, and its design manager Pearlyn Yeo.

A quick check by Marketing showed that the blog also included content pieces such as "Five tips to boost your work-from-home productivity, and three must-try eateries on its recently launched Discover Food platform. Banking on content, the telco has also reached out to its users on Facebook in effort to get to know them better. In a post which links to a Google survey form, the telco said it is starting a new customer video series aimed at highlighting and celebrating its customers. It then gets users to choose one of four options: to chat with Circles.Life, showcase their original content that Circles.Life will feature on its social media platforms, requesting a challenge which one of its employees will do, as well as send over true stories and experiences in users' lives.

The telco has also recently launched a ticketed online comedy show recently to promote its Discover function. Launching three shows in June, Circles.Life will be getting comics from neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines to battle it out with other local comedians. 

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