Circles.Life creates 'emergency wardrobe' webcam filters to make nudity safe for work

Even as countries around the world begin reopening, many office workers continue telecommuting. Working from home is safe, convenient, and comfortable - until a last-minute video call has you scrambling to find a clean shirt.

Singapore-based telco Circles.Life and partner The Secret Little Agency have launched a series of webcam filters that double as professional attire. Dubbed the “Emergency Wardrobe”, these filters allow users to get dressed for video calls without having to actually put on clothes. Yes, you read that right. You don’t need to be clothed, to be virtually “clothed”.

emergency wardrobe circles1

The filters will be available as Snapchat’s Snap camera filters on video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Google Hangouts, as well as Instagram filters on mobile devices.

emergency wardrobe circles

According to Circles.Life’s head of creative shop Megan Yulga, her colleagues want to see each other and interact organically, but also want to wear their bathrobes. “Now they don’t have to choose,” she said, adding “At Circles.Life our mission is to make customers’ lives effortless. Not just when they get our data, but when they use it.”

Just early this week, Circles.Life and TSLA launched a series of films featuring unlikely “experts” from both the younger and more senior segments of the population to show it is the “easiest telco ever”.  The “how-to” videos featured the friendly, grandparents-next-door as well as a kid named Kai, who is too young to read The Three Little Pigs but not too young to help customers to transfer numbers.

The young telco brand is known for its tongue-in-cheek stunts and audacious on-ground activities, and has over the years grown in prominence. Circles.Life is also one that long branded itself as a telco "for the people, by the people", and also takes cheeky jabs at fellow telcos.

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