Café De Coral and HKAC's music project hosts final concerts in Taipei

Café de Coral and the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) have collaborated and co-organised a music education project entitled “Café De Coral Music Station X Hong Kong Arts Centre Open Music Series – Sync Together”, the final stage of which will take place this August.

Local winners of the Indie Showcase music concert, Clave, have been selected to participate in the music exchange programme in Taiwan, where they will represent Hong Kong.  The entire project will be filmed for a documentary, witnessing the growth of the musicians across their journey.

Clave will perform in the Asia Exchange Tour from 1-4 August 2019 in Taipei at venues that include the "Sappho Live Jazz Bar", "Uni-UStyle Taipei Store - Summer Chill Festival", and "Riverside Live House - Riverside Music Cafe". Apart from these performances, Clave will also visit a local studio and interact with professional musicians.

To nurture local talent and promote HK music culture, the HKAC has been collaborating with well-known local musicians and its curator, Kung Chi-shing, to roll out the Open Music Series since 2009. As part of this, outdoor music concerts have been organised in different neighbourhoods in Hong Kong. 

In 2015, the “Café de Coral Music Station” was launched to encourage young people to unleash their musical potential. Last year in October, the HKAC and Café de Coral organised a one-year music education project Sync Together, with a series of music concerts, workshops, public talks, and an Asia Exchange Tour.