Bupa launches comprehensive mental health support for customers and corporates

Do you know that COVID-19 has impacted the mental health of at least half of Hong Kong’s workforce? According to a Bupa survey conducted between 17 and 28 September 2020, 60% of middle managers and almost 50% of general employees experienced symptoms of anxiety and depression over the past several months amid the pandemic.

What’s more, nearly 25% of all workers were concerned about being laid off or taking pay cuts, while middle managers also experienced significantly more stress related to combined responsibilities at work and at home. Although both middle managers and general employees expected their companies to provide mental health support, only half of employers actually did.

“To support employers and employees in Hong Kong, we’ve recently launched a series of mental health initiatives,” said Andrew Merrilees, general manager of Bupa Hong Kong.

“Endorsed by the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, our new MindCare Company Recognition Scheme honours companies that prioritise employees’ mental health. Interested companies, including those with and without Bupa Hong Kong corporate health plans, can apply for certification under the scheme to show they’re committed to providing a healthy workplace.”

bupa online aritcle pic1Andrew Merrilees, general manager of Bupa Hong Kong (left) and Ching Chi-kong, assistant director of the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, kick started the MindCare Company Recognition Scheme at the 2020 Bupa Wellness Day.
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The MindCare Company Recognition Scheme is open to application for all
registered companies with operations in Hong Kong.

In addition, Bupa Hong Kong’s Supporting Healthier Minds Programme offers a range of targeted support for both managers and employees to promote mental health and wellness in the workplace. Services can be tailored based on each company’s specific needs, including mental health first-aid training, interactive workshops, fun activities and the Bupa4Life wellness tool.

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The Bupa4Life app, connecting you to total health and wellness, allows Bupa Hong Kong members to complete an online health assessment, create and track wellness goals, read expert health information and more.

Members will earn rewards for their progress, including special offers and discounts. The app is perceived as a useful solution, especially for middle managers. According to the survey, 70% of them were likely to use app services to help them live healthy lives and cope with their busy schedules.

Actor, singer and former Olympian Alex Fong stars in the TV commercials, online videos and OOH ads in the Bupa4Life through-the-line campaign launched in November. A terrific ambassador who knows the importance of good health, inside and out, Fong possesses a positive yet health-conscious image that will attract attention and encourage Bupa Hong Kong’s customers to download this new app.

Aired on free and paid TV channels, the ads leverage fun yet playful storytelling to showcase the “4 As” that are key features of Bupa4Life: Analyse, Achieve, Assist and Award. The campaign also features key opinion leaders including former TV sports news reporter and anchor Ng Ka-him to spread the word about Bupa4Life and engage a wider audience.

Watch the Bupa4Life TV commercial to learn more about the “4 As” of the Bupa4Life app.

“With these new offerings to support mental health and wellness, Bupa continues to be a leader in the insurance industry and a trusted healthcare partner for our customers,” Merrilees said. “By focusing on mental and well as physical health, we remain committed to fulfilling our purpose of helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives.”

This article is sponsored by Bupa Hong Kong.

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