SG brands show humourous side with comedic jabs around East Coast plans

With the Singapore General Elections just around the corner, there is a sense of excitement in the air and while politics can be equated to a somber serious topic in the eyes of many, the appointment of several politicians globally has changed all that (anyone been on Twitter lately?). Taking a comedic turn in Singapore, netizens and brands in our tiny red dot have also been actively catching on slip-ups and verbal flubs made by local politicians. 

For example, in May, Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing also made a comment around cotton coming from sheep (it comes from cotton plants, you guys) as he explained that the production of three-ply surgical masks required raw materials such as cotton, polypropylene, and rubber bands. Meanwhile, a recent nomination speech by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Heng Swee Kiat has caught the interest of brands and netizens alike when he said: "For our East Coast residents, we also have a plan for the East Coast. We have a East Coast, Singapore, we have a together [sic] and East Coast plan. We care at the East Coast.”

Keeping true to its fiery nature, Nando's was the first brand to quickly jump in on the conversation yesterday with a social media posts around its delivery and plan for East Coast. Here are some other brands following suit:

Caltex Singapore

Petroleum company Caltex's post on Facebook had netizens roaring with laughter as it gave details about its plans for the East Coast, subtly stating its outlet location at East Coast. The post said: "Dear East Coast residents, we too have a plan for you and your car in East Coast, in Singapore, together for you. Fuel up at Caltex East Coast, so that you may enjoy the journey ahead in East Coast!".



Telco company Circles.Life, known for its quick jabs and nimble nature shared that even though it did not have plans the General Elections, it certainly had "islandwide coverage", including the East Coast for all its customers.

circles life

MyRepublic Singapore

Multinational Internet company headquartered in Singapore disclosed its own array of broadband and mobile plans available for its customers amidst the ongoing discussion on plans for the citizen throughout the country.



Durex shared its plan for East Coast residents, providing "good protection" and family planning because it cared.

durex fb

JJ Drinks Singapore

Herbal tea company JJ Drinks launched an online vote for the consumers' favourite tea can flavour through the "CANdidates" election, providing 10 voters an opportunity to win can cartons.


Tourism Authority of Thailand

Singapore was invited to check out Thailand's East Coast, featuring the "best stretches of beaches and islands", as mentioned in the Facebook post.


Nando's SG

Meanwhile the OG of East Coast puns Nando's revealed its delivery route to East Coast, with a caption that said: "Dear East Coast residents, we also have a plan for the East Coast, in Singapore, together for you." It also added "Because we care for East Coast".

nandos east coast

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