Bossini’s latest loyalty programme and new Urban Athleisure positioning demonstrate the power of customer knowledge

Knowing your customer is everything. And in the age of big data, brands’ understanding of their patrons’ behaviour has evolved from a loose mix of surveys, sales data, and pop psychology into a distilled – and increasingly pin-point accurate – science. 

Hong Kong fashion brand Bossini has taken to heart this mantra of knowing one’s shoppers, embracing new technologies to release an effective customer relationship app, and lines of relevant clothing.

In September 2019, Bossini launched “Bossini Plus”, a loyalty programme allowing its customers to connect with the brand and rewarding them across the brand’s physical stores and online shop through a mobile app. But there was more behind it than mere convenience or customer incentives.

The big data strategy behind its inception combined tech and CRM to unify consumer profiles. Previously, the various interactions of Bossini’s customers were impossible to track in between. 

By using Bossini Plus, the use of the online shop, offline brick and mortar shops, and social media use is combined into a single customer point of view. The effective data-driven strategy has provided Bossini with a better understanding of customer spending habits, their preferences, media touch-points, and their purchase channels.

Not only will this build the foundation for improved marketing efforts and insights, but it means shopping experiences can be personalised. 

For instance, Bossini Plus customers will receive privileges on their birthdays and be presented with special offers that will be of particular interest with them. What’s more, a new communication channel will provide a connection between customers and Bossini, enhancing brand loyalty and brand relevancy.

Attracting customers to the Bossini Plus app has been a simple matter of showing off its enticing benefits, of which it has plenty. Not only do members receive digital welcome coupons on their first sign-up (which has the added bonus of driving them straight to a sale), but Bossini Plus users can earn points with their purchases. These points can be redeemed as cash, encouraging repeat purchases, increasing the average size of transactions, and driving online and offline store traffic.

These perks made Bossini Plus a smash hit. Two weeks after the launch it had contributed over 37% in sales. And within three months, the successful promotion of the app at shops drew over 100,000 new members to download it. This put Bossini Plus at number one in the Apple app store’s “Lifestyle free app” category and 19th for free apps overall.

Meanwhile, Bossini achieved great results in Marketing magazine’s first Loyalty & Engagement Awards in Hong Kong. Bossini snatched two silver awards in the categories of Best Loyalty Campaign – Launch/Re-branding; and Best Loyalty Programme – Fashion & Beauty; and a bronze award in the category of Best CX/UX Strategy.

bossini photo 2

Tools such as Bossini Plus show the value Bossini as a brand places on getting to know its customers. And it’s acting on that knowledge which has also led to the development of its 2020 Spring/Summer line of clothing.

Bossini noted that many people nowadays don’t maintain a single identity, and different aspects of their life can cross between multiple identities. For instance, these “Slashers” – as Bossini has labelled them – could be office professionals for part of their daily life, but also yoga practitioners in another part.

Embracing these slashers’ multifaceted lifestyles and identities, Bossini released its “Urban Athleisure” branding philosophy in the spring this year. Whether working, jogging, shopping, hiking, meeting for coffee, or going to gatherings and dates, an outfit needs to reflect the identity for that moment. 

By adopting various comfortable and multi-functional materials, the Urban Athleisure concept allows Bossini to provide modern slashers with a range of diverse and versatile designs for easy mix-and-match styling in their multi-faceted lifestyles.

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Bossini has incorporated a lot of impressive manufacturing features into the product line. Special attention has been paid to each item’s functionality, employing state-of-the-art textile tech features, including seam-sealing, ergonomic design, ultralight material, and 360-degree flex waistbands. 

Yet, Bossini went further with Urban Athleisure than creating a line that appealed to its customers’ sensibilities and desire for quality. Playing on recognisable local celebs to showcase the style of its new releases, Bossini brought onboard singer Gladys Li and actor Wong Yatho to demonstrate the spring/summer collection.

Additionally, the clothing brand has also made a move to appeal to the increasing demand for eco-friendly sustainable fashion among its customers with the release of its REPREVE Cool Jeans Collection for this summer. The range employs the REPREVE US patent fibre, made from recycled plastic bottles. The range is not only showcasing Bossini’s effort to help fight waste, but provides good elasticity and a cooling effect.

Looking forward, it’s clear Bossini is passionate about forming ever closer connections with its customers. Be it through providing better shopping experiences with its big data strategy and the Bossini Plus app, or by releasing products – such as Urban Athleisure and REPREVE Cool Jeans – that appeal to its customers’ identities and changing ethics. Knowledge is power and Bossini is putting that power to concrete use.

This content was sponsored by Bossini.