Direct mail case study: Beyond the white envelopes

When it comes to delivering cards, most card issuers stick to the customary method of pasting the card on a letter, enclosed in a white envelope. You Technologies Group, however, insisted against the norm when it came to promoting its multi-currency travel wallet YouTrip. Instead of letters and glue, YouTrip delivered compact and vibrant pocket sleeves to its users. Much like a magic drawer, the card sprang up when the bottom sleeve was pulled down.

As a novelty brand, YouTrip wanted to ensure its innovative spirit was translated into its collaterals. The company knew it wanted to avoid impersonal and indistinctive messages, such as a letter because it doesn’t resonate well with consumers. By creating unusual packaging, YouTrip leveraged on the element of surprise to invoke an emotional connection with users.

According to YouTrip’s country manager, Kelvin Lam, YouTrip emphasises the fun element in its marketing as it is in line with the tone of the brand, and should reflect the brand’s outreach to users.

Apart from the creative production, YouTrip also leveraged on the habits of its main user base – the Millennials – who are a generation of sharers. Millennials often cement their best moments and memories online through photos and videos. YouTrip  understands  that  when it comes to personal investment, experiences matter more than material possessions.

Thanks to the boom of social media and the rise of FOMO (fear of missing out), unique marketing has the power to stir up conversations. With a distinctive package, YouTrip invites its users to interact with the brand and share the experience with their social circle, promoting a collaborative experience and  boosting  brand awareness.

By utilising a user-generated launch campaign, YouTrip was able to gain an influential traction during its launch and maintain extended conversations among its new and potential users. The YouTrip card package was a hit among users just two weeks after its launch in September 2018. It generated about five to 10 Instagram stories a day, including fun poses and actions with the YouTrip card. It also contributed to the monthly average of 5,000 impressions on the YouTrip Instagram page.


To welcome new users on board with a surprise, and generate buzz around the novelty of its card.

Target audience

Frequent travellers aged between 23 to 35.


The YouTrip card package generated a constant stream of five to 10 Instagram stories a day. It also contributed to the monthly average of 5,000 impressions on the YouTrip Instagram page.

The writer is Kelvin Lam, country manager, YOU Technologies.

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