YouTube runs ad campaign targeting ad industry

YouTube has launched an ad campaign which targets the advertising industry. A quick check by Marketing found several videos on YouTube’s “YouTuber Advertiser” channel addressing different types of interests and topics, while featuring different YouTube content creators.  These topics include makeup, DIY, gaming, sports, family and cooking, to name a few.

It also features prominent YouTubers such as beauty vlogger Jackie Ana, renowned transgender YouTube Gigi Gorgeous and family channel Eh Bee Family.

Each video quotes statistics and insights from a joint study done by Google and Ipsos in 2016, and also link to a page which implores advertisers to learn more about the audiences they “care about, on YouTube”. This is through their behaviour on the video platform. Marketing has reached out to YouTube for comment.

Watch the videos here:

The move is hot on the heels YouTube unveiling its new logo, along with some changes to its mobile and desktop formats. The new logo rolled out on its mobile and desktop platforms, and will soon be implemented across YouTube’s other applications and services.

According to a YouTube blog post, the new layout was designed for users on multiple screens, with the new YouTube logo combines a cleaned up version of the YouTube wordmark and Icon. This was to create a “more flexible design” which works better across a variety of devices, especially on smaller screens.

It also follows a recent push made by Facebook into video content, which saw the social media platform rolling out its new Watch function in the United States. Watch looks to serve as a new platform for shows on Facebook, available on mobile, computers and on its TB apps.