Young Ogilvy employee dies from heart attack

A 24-year-old Ogilvy & Mather Beijing employee suffered a sudden heart attack on 14 May.

Reports online suggest overwork was a factor, but the agency was unable to expand on these details.

The employee, Li Yuan, was said to be in the IT department of the agency and fell at 6 pm on Monday. He was rushed to Peking Union Medical College, where he passed away on Tuesday.

Ogilvy and Mather China confirmed the incident yesterday afternoon with a statement on Sina Weibo that said:

“Yesterday, we lost a young partner forever. He has left us forever from a sudden death. This employee at the agency has a professionalism and knack for team work that is appreciated by both colleagues and clients.

“This happened all so suddenly, and we are deeply sorry for the incident. We hope that he will rest in next world. We hope that everyone will pray for him and light candle so he can find his path to heaven.”

On May 14, his cousin left a heartbreaking photo of him saluting the camera with a message that says, “goodbye the ones I love, goodbye world.”.

Yesterday, he re-tweeted the message to say “I know there is no special power in the world that can change what has happened. I could’ve seen you in less than 10 minutes; but farewell, my dear brother. Like we said in the phone, we will always love you.”