YG Entertainment office raided by South Korean police over illegal gambling claims

South Korean police has raided the office of YG Entertainment over allegations of its founder Yang Hyun-suk being involved in illegal gambling.

Multiple media reports including Yonhap News Agency as well as South China Morning Post, and The Straits Times which quoted AFP, said that the South Korean police was formally investigating Yang and Seungri, former member of YG’s boyband Big Bang over “allegations of gambling involving illicit cash exchange”. Reports also said that South Korean media said that Yang was reportedly involved in “habitual and illegal gambling” in places such as Las Vegas and Macau since the early 2000s. AFP also said that South Korean police are attemping to gather evidence on how Yang amassed the gambling funds and the number of times the alleged gambling occurred.

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Earlier this year, Yang was embroiled in a scandal which alleged that he arranged sexual services for foreign investors during dinner parties. Yang was reported to have organised dinner parties and hired prostitutes for two investors – Malaysian businessman Low Taek Jho and a man from Thailand. In July, Yang resigned from his position as founder of YG Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Seungri was involved in a scandal earlier this year which alleged that the now defunct Burning Sun club played host to various criminal activities including sex crimes, drug dealing and prostitution. According to multiple media reports including The Straits Times and The Korea Herald, Seungri was reportedly “heavily involved” in the management of Burning Sun. The singer later announced his retirement from the entertainment industry on Instagram.