WWF HK promotes Earth Hour 2019 with TVC and solar mobile cafe launch

As one of the most prominent environmentally-friendly events in town, Earth Hour 2019 is set to return this Saturday. Prior to the event, WWF Hong Kong has launched a series of campaigns to engage the public, aiming to disseminate the idea of changing the way we live in order to save the planet.

The global initiative will take place this Saturday, when Hong Kong and cities around the world will symbolically switch off all non-essential lights for an hour.

WWF Hong Kong is taking this opportunity to further promote environmental protection. As single-use plastic is now in the spotlight, this year’s theme of Earth Hour “Reduce, Rethink, Change the Way We Live” focuses on sustainable consumption, eliminating unnecessary single-use plastics, and reduction in ecological footprint.

WWF Hong Kong aired a 30-second TVC on 10 March. Featuring singer Kay Tse and actor Michael Tong, the commercial aims to instil the idea of reducing waste in our daily lives.


In the TVC, both Tse and Tong talk about how to reduce carbon footprints by ditching single-use plastics and tableware and adopting a low-carbon diet.

“We invited Tong to join a visit to Lap Sap Wan in Cape D’Aguilar to highlight the need for finding single-use plastic alternatives in January,” said Suzanne Cheung, head of conservation policy. “Both ambassadors are promoting green living and encouraging citizens to incorporate low-carbon practices into their daily lives.”

At the time of writing, WWF Hong Kong received 6,470 pledges from corporations, schools and individuals.

On 20 and 27 March, WWF Hong Kong's Solar Mobile Café went to Causeway Bay, showcasing the potential of solar energy and engaging the public. Since the beginning of March, the Solar Mobile Café has been touring around local universities to publicise the idea of sustainable fashions as well.

As part of its initiatives, WWF Hong Kong has been working alongside several companies on a global and local scale. HSBC for example, has worked with the organisation for more than 15 years with some recent projects including a collaboration to conserve the Mai Po Nature Reserve.

With a donation from HSBC, WWF Hong Kong has been able to further expand access to the tours at Mai Po by providing community tickets. HSBC also supports the Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre – an important role in WWF Hong Kong’s One Planet education programmes on marine conservation, enabling local students and community groups to better understand issues relating to the world’s oceans and to interact on-site with the local marine environment.