What Singaporean Youths Want

Happiness, family values, financial security emerged as the leading values amongst 18-35 year olds in Singapore, according to the findings of Y&R's proprietary research, Generation Asia.
The study indicated that 75.4% of the target group value happiness as being more important than money, but also said long-term financial security is important , with 73.3% of the respondents seeing regular saving as a must.

Conducted by partner agency VML, with over 1,400 online respondents in June 2012, the survey covered 16 topics that are relevant to youth including vehicles, beauty (men & women), communication, education, entertainment, fashion, food, money, health and others.

Singapore is the fourth market to unveil its Generation Asia research findings, following its roll- out in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.

Around 63.8% of men are in Singapore are ‘beauty' conscious where as 85% of women think confidence is attractive and skincare is more important than cosmetics. Around 70% believe children should learn through play rather than books and that education should be more practical and less theory-based.

Hari Ramanathan (pictured), Y&R's regional strategy director said that for a few years now there has been talk of Asia starting to dominate world affairs, economically, socially and culturally, and "yet this powerful zeitgeist was not seen as the lens through which an entire Generation is going to view their own lives".

"Most importantly they (youths) are going to take decisions that define the future landscape of global society, as well as the fate of brands," he added.