Watsons HK commits to sustainability push with fresh packaging options


Watsons is strengthening its commitment to climate change with a target to offset 2,250 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. With the social purpose tagline “Look Good. Do Good. Feel Great.” First launched in March this year, Watsons will contribute a part of its profits to CO2 offset projects in collaboration with ClimatePartner, a climate protection organisation, for every purchase of Sustainable Choice products exclusively at Watsons.

According to Malina Ngai, CEO of A.S. Watson (Asia & Europe) sustainability is a key priority for the brand and it has invested HK$750 million in sustainability-related initiatives since 2018. “Our flagship health & beauty brand Watsons is passionate to lead change in sustainability and proactively strives to do good to the planet together with our customers. Sustainable Choices at Watsons now comes with an extra level of meaning – carbon emission offset by supporting products that are good for both your body and the planet,” said Ngai.

ClimatePartner has been working on many carbon offset projects that compensate for greenhouse gas emissions whilst improving the livelihood of people around the world. Now, Watsons is supporting ClimatePartner’s Forest Protection and Clean Ocean initiatives. The Forest Protection project not only aims to fight climate change, but it also hopes to preserve wildlife habitat.

Watsons is also committing to reducing the overall impact of its own brand plastic packaging so that it may contribute to ocean protection. Recognising that the ocean stores a quarter of CO2 from the atmosphere and up to 93.4% of heat caused by the greenhouse effect, cleaner oceans can alleviate the impact of climate change.

To help reduce the environmental footprint, Watsons will also offer its customers a range of sustainable choices with better packaging options.

In Malaysia, Watsons has just launched the first Naturals by Watsons Refill Station in Sunway Pyramid store which offers six eco-refills for best selling products. These eco-refills use up to 58% less plastic than a regular bottle. The Refill Station will be further rolled out in Hong Kong in August, encouraging more customers to be part of efforts to create a more sustainable world.

Aside from offering a range of sustainable products, Watsons is also launching the Good Academy every Monday through its social media channels in an effort to raise customers’ awareness on sustainability and to inspire them to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Ngai added, “Watsons is committed to becoming a purposeful brand that customers can trust. We work tirelessly to protect our planet while at the same time encouraging everyone around us to live in a sustainable manner. By Doing Good with our customers, we believe that every little effort from each of us will make a big difference to the world