Watchfinder & Co. removes gender classifications from its site

Watchfinder & Co. has removed gender labels from its website and has instead labelled watches as small, medium or large.

It explained that this move followed a trend among celebrities and consumers for subverting stereotypes and wearing watches originally designed for and marketed solely to the opposite sex, including rapper Kayne West, Jay-Z and celebrity Victoria Beckham. 

Analysis by Watchfinder & Co. has found that despite a reluctance to ditch the traditional gender classifications, many watch manufacturers are increasingly catering to this trend. For example, Rolex and Tudor are resizing some of their watches to better suit any wrist.

This move has seen the brand launch a campaign with America’s Next Top Model judge and renowned fashion photographer Nigel Barker, calling for all jewellery and watch brands to make genderless the standard. “I believe fashion is a form of self-expression and people should be able to wear and express themselves in whatever they feel comfortable in. When it comes to watches, I have a variety of sizes and shapes to complement with what I am wearing, how I am feeling and what I am doing," he said. 

He further explained, "When it comes to watches, people should be able to choose whatever they want, as we all have our own style, and that shouldn’t be dictated to us by anyone.”

Co-founder of Watchfinder & Co. Matt Bowling also commented, "By removing the men’s and women’s categories from our business, we are encouraging customers to explore and discover more watches, helping them find the right watch for them. With a large proportion of men’s watches getting smaller and women’s watches getting bigger, we feel that gender categories are now obsolete.”

Rapper Tinie Tempah explained, "I love fashion and love wearing what I feel most comfortable in. With watches, some days I like putting on a bigger standout piece and other times I like something a little smaller. People should be able to wear what they choose when it comes to watches, we all have our own style. It’s not for brands to tell us.”

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