WATCH Google Play romances the heart

Tugging the heartstrings seem to be the way of Google advertisement. To promote Google Play app, the search engine giant reels its lens to focus on the heart – as more than just an organ for pumping blood.

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The ad opens up with a pixel heart and a voice over saying "the heart is a funny thing." Visually enticing, clips of movies and television sitcoms get blended together with digital offerings and mobile capabilities. Google Play aims to connect entertainment with the human emotions.

 “This campaign is based on the idea that entertainment has an emotional impact on each of us and connects with us because when we watch or read something it does have an emotional impact on our hearts. With Google Play we want to bring people more and better ways to experience digital entertainment and enjoy entertainment that they love anywhere and anytime” said Brian Irving, director of marketing for Google Play.

Currently, the app entertainment offerings featured in this ad is not available in Malaysia. The local Google Play app only allows for download of books and apps. However, Google Malaysia tells A+M that it will slowly build up the momentum to develop content for Google Play movies and TV that suits the preferences of Malaysian users.