WATCH Kimberly Clark asks folks to drop their pants

In its latest campaign for its incontinence underwear Depend, Kimberly-Clark is asking folks to "drop their pants."

Through the campaign “Underwareness, the brand hopes to reduce the social stigma of bladder leakage. The campaign which launched late last month was created by Ogilvy & Mather. It aims to reach out to people under the age of 50. On its site, it says currently 65 million Americans experience bladder leakage, and nearly half of them are under age 50.

To up the cool factor for the campaign, the brand is also teaming up with the band Capital Cities for its Drop Your Pants & Dance for "Underwareness" launch party which is happening today.

Check out the videos for the campaign:

According to an article on the NY Times, the campaign will also run on print and billboard which resemble fashion ads. The ads will run on magazines read by the younger demographics while the billboard will appear in trendy locations in New York.

Victoria Azarian, a group creative director at O&M who worked on the campaign said that through these ads, the brand really wanted to showcase the product.

“We really wanted to bring it out in the open with big outdoor billboards in places where you would typically see fashion and underwear advertising to have people say, ‘Holy mackerel, that is not what I thought it was,’ ” Azarian told the publication.

Meanwhile, Depend will also be donating a dollar to a charitable causes with every photos or videos shared by the public tagged  #Underwareness or  #DropYourPants. Depend will donate up to US$3 million over three years.