Usana Malaysia doles out RM200,000 in sponsorship dollars

Nutrition company Usana Malaysia is showing its support to dodgeball player Muhamad Heidy Mohd Yusoff and triathlete Shahrom Abdullah for the next 18 months.

Each sponsorship deal with products and kind will be worth RM100,000.

“We are proud to be associated with both Muhamad Heidy and Shahrom as both have an impressive record in their respective sports. They will also certainly add value to the Usana brand. We have almost 1,000 elite athletes around the world using Usana products to maintain their health,’’ said Kean Hean who was quoted on The Star.

Usana Malaysia also has an Athlete Guarantee Programme which permits select athletes, to enter an agreement with Usana which states that, during the term of the agreement, should the athlete test positive for a banned substance included in World Anti-Doping Agency regulations as a result of taking Usana nutritional products, Usana will compensate that athlete two times their current annual earnings up to $1 million, based on the athlete’s personal level of competition, endorsement, and other income, as well as other factors.