Unruly's new segment-targeting ad helps advertisers reach Filipino shoppers

Advertisers can now target a range of different Christmas shoppers thanks to new first party data targeting segments launched by Unruly.

The video ad tech company has the festive period wrapped up for marketers looking to identify and engage highly valuable Christmas consumers - from last-minute gift-givers to those who have all their Xmas shopping sorted before December.

Christmas is a time of increased spending across the Philippines. Household spending increases by 20% every 4th quarter of the year, and malls and retail chains see their revenues increase by up to 46% (source: AdSpark).

To help marketers make the most of this festive spending spree, Unruly has created a range of audience segments using cookie data collected from extensive surveys of thousands of consumers.

Segments are based on how people shop and behave during the festive period. Specific audiences include Eager Elves, Online Gifters, Christmas Cooks and Holiday Travellers.

Available segments are:

  • Ad Anticipators - People looking forward to the Christmas ad battle;

  • Eager Elves - People who have their holiday shopping done and dusted by December;

  • Eleventh-Hour Elves - Christmas shoppers who leave their festive gift shopping until the last minute;

  • Online Gifters - Xmas shoppers who prefer to buy their gifts online;

  • Christmas Cooks - Culinary kings and queens who host and cook over the festive period; and

  • Holiday Travellers - People who get away from home or travel over Christmas.

In addition to the Christmas shopper segments, Unruly also launches its first party personality data segments across the Philippines. These segments offer advertisers a means to target consumers according to personality type. The company offers 31 specific personality segments based on personality profiles generated by proprietary survey data and IBM Watson personality profiling.

These personality types have been mapped to 13 key emotions - allowing advertisers to target the personality types most likely to be moved by a specific video - offering a valuable layer of addition targeting for highly emotive Christmas campaigns.

Unruly Chief Commercial Officer for APAC, Phil Townend said, “As the industry looks for greater personalisation in both the distribution and creation of ads, our Christmas and Personality segments provide brands with a measurable way to reach the audiences they care about most during the busy festive period. Better targeting, and a better understanding of your customers, means less media wastage and more effective campaigns.

“Unruly has been tracking, measuring and decoding emotional data for over a decade - and these insights allow us to understand the hearts and minds of each brand’s perfect Christmas shopper.”

To find out more about Unruly’s Christmas and Personality segments, email hello@unrulygroup.com.