UNIQLO taps on famous waving foodpanda rider to further promote AIRism mask

UNIQLO Singapore has collaborated with foodpanda rider Abdul Rahman to release an ad for its AIRism mask on its social media platform. Rahman received publicity for his cheeky stunt during National Day, when he waved to the public while trailing behind the mobile column, as if he was part of the parade. 

The video showed Rahman going about his work route, narrating how delivery has been made more comfortable after he switched to UNIQLO's AIRism mask. The video, which was posted on UNIQLO's Facebook and Instagram, is also peppered with colloquial terms such as "kena", "shiok", and "steady la". Since its upload, a few netizens commented that the ad was well done and relatable, with one saying its "marketing done right". The ad has garnered 6,699 views on Instagram, and 180 positive reactions on Facebook at the time of writing. 

In a statement to Marketing, Joyce Tan, marketing director, UNIQLO Singapore, said the ad came as UNIQLO's previous partnership with foodpanda was very well-received. The team at UNIQLO saw the opportunity to further amplify the story by engaging Rahman to create this additional content. "Given his delightfully cheeky personality and how he has become a recognisable face of delivery riders, we believed this video would resonate strongly with the locals and more specifically, the gig economy, of which the AIRism mask is most relevant," Tan added.

UNIQLO's previous partnership with foodpanda saw the fashion brand tapping on other foodpanda delivery riders in September as walking advertisements for its AIRism mask. In an Instagram post, UNIQLO Singapore said it had distributed 13,000 AIRism masks to the entire foodpanda rider fleet to thank them for being Singapore's "true heroes" during this pandemic. The post also featured foodpanda delivery riders wearing its AIRism masks, with a few of them providing their testimonies about their experience wearing the masks.  

Tan told Marketing that the aim of the partnership is to tell the LifeWear story from the perspective of those living in Singapore. This entails showing how its products are designed specifically to help better people’s lives. "For example, our breathable AIRism technology provides comfort on a hot day, while our Comfort Smart Wear range provides convenience through its wrinkle-resistant technology. In the case of Rahman, he shared how the AIRism mask has helped him as a foodpanda rider," Tan said.

This is not Rahman's first brush with brands after his "shot to fame" on National Day. Days after Rahman's stunt went viral, GOMO, Singtel's mobile product provider, called out to him via a Facebook and Instagram post, and commended on his #kidulting spirit. The post featured a spoof of Rahman with one of its characters (that is coincidentally pink) waving while riding a motorcycle. The character is also seen donning on a pink shirt and ferrying a foodpanda delivery bag. Additionally, the post also highlights a promotion for all GOMO users, where they can get a SG$4 discount for their first foodpanda order.

Separately, Rahman's wife also revealed on her personal Twitter account that Rahman was engaged by foodpanda for a marketing shoot. In a series of tweets, the wife showed behind-the-scene moments such as Rahman waving while riding past a group of people waving the Singapore flag, Rahman throwing a stack of cash, and him wearing pink eyeshadow.

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