GOMO rides on foodpanda delivery worker's unexpected social media fame

The National Day celebrations over the weekend had Singaporeans buzzing about a particular foodpanda delivery rider, who waved to the public while trailing behind the mobile column, as if he was part of the parade. This cheeky stunt was captured on camera and went viral on social media platforms, and has now also caught the attention of GOMO, Singtel's mobile product provider. 

In a Facebook and Instagram post, GOMO called out to the driver Abdul Rahman, and commended on his #kidulting spirit. The post featured a spoof of Rahman with one of its characters (that is coincidentally pink) waving while riding a motorcycle. The character is also seen donning on a pink shirt and ferrying a foodpanda delivery bag. With the caption "Never lose the kid in you", the ad seemingly taps into GOMO's advocacy of a “kidulting life”. According to GOMO, a "kidult" is someone who struggles being a kid and an adult, and "kidulting" is to behave responsibly with a hint of fun.

The post is also accompanied with the caption: "We heard it was your birthday and we’d like to send over a little token as a thank you for the extra entertainment over the weekend." GOMO also called out to the public to tag Rahman so he gets the message. Additionally, the post also highlights a promotion for all GOMO users, where they can get a SG$4 discount for their first foodpanda order. The promotion is redeemable through the GOMO app, and will be available until the end of the year. Marketing has reached out to Singtel for additional information.

gomo foodpanda

This comes hot in the heels of GOMO posting a social ad that contained a tongue-in-cheek reference to one of Netflix's recent original series, Indian Matchmaking. The ad is seen to promote GOMO's offering, where users can get a plan for SG$20, which includes data, talk-time, and SMSes, without having to be bound to the telco.

Posted on its Facebook and Instagram accounts, the ad showed one of GOMO's characters, Zenmo, in a meditative position with the title being "Telco Matchmaking". It then describes the four criteria for the matchmaking to happen, namely that the telco has to come from a good family, must be reliable 99.9% of the time, must be transparent and not come with hidden conditions, and must be able to commit to the user but does not expect the user to commit to it. Marketing understands Singtel works with Goodstuph as its social media agency. 

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