UNIQLO collaborates with SEA designers

UNIQLO has collaborated with 10 designers from five countries in the Southeast Asia region for project Feel the Sea.

The project will bring in designers from their respective regions, showcasing and promoting the latest inspiration from Southeast Asia through uniquely designed graphic T-shirts.

Locally, the brand has chosen to work with Joe Chia, a leading figure in the Malaysian fashion scene whose label is gaining significant recognition internationally.

“This collaboration with UNIQLO allows a niche label like JOE CHIA to be further relatable and accessible to the wider market. It aims to showcase a fusion of my label’s identity as a hyper-modern; monochromatic and minimal with a twist; along with UT’s signature comfort and style,” said Chia.

Other designers include MAE PANG, MASH-UP, OwnMuse, RÊVASSEUR, WASM from Singapore, NIKICIO in Indonesia, GREYHOUND, PAINKILLER of Thailand and MOBO in the Philippines.

Satoshi Onoguchi, managing director of UNIQLO (Malaysia) and UNIQLO (Singapore) said it is always a pleasure to collaborate with local designers.

“Through this collaboration, we hope to showcase just some of the unique talents in Malaysia and the SEA region of the world.”

Feel the SEA UT collection will be available from now until the end of November.