TRS apologises to SPH for copyright infringement

The Real Singapore has unreservedly apologised for the copyright infringement, SPH sued the  socio-political website for.

SPH and Yang Kaiheng and Ai Takagi, the couple behind the website, reached an out-of-court settlement of the copyright infringement suit commenced by SPH in the High Court.

Singapore-listed media group alleged that content from its newspapers had been reproduced on the website without permission between January 2011 and April last year.

In the suit, SPH claimed that 244 of its news articles had been reproduced or substantially reproduced on “The Real Singapore” website, without SPH’s permission.

The settlement, reached on confidential terms, includes the payment to SPH of a confidential sum and the publication of an apology byTakagi, appearing on Page B3 of today's print edition of The Straits Times.

Takagi has acknowledged and admitted - as the developer, operator, editor, moderator, administrator and/or manager of “The Real Singapore” website - that news content belonging to SPH was reproduced and/or substantially reproduced on “The Real Singapore” website, without SPH’s approval.

Takagi has undertaken not to repeat such acts of infringement. TRS shut down in May last year.

Read the apology here: