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ADA and DAN+DAN: Transforming customer engagement with a WhatsApp chatbot

ADA and DAN+DAN: Transforming customer engagement with a WhatsApp chatbot

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DAN+DAN triumphs at Marketing Excellence Awards

DAN+DAN’s remarkable success in the marketing arena reached its zenith when it secured an impressive silver award in the category of Excellence in COVID-19 Related Campaigns for its AI-powered chatbot at Marketing Excellence Awards Indonesia 2023.

This accomplishment served as a testament to the exceptional strategies orchestrated by DAN+DAN, showcasing its expertise in customer service and engagement.

With the strategic implementation of a WhatsApp chatbot for business, ADA assisted DAN+DAN in becoming a first-time winner in this prestigious category, marking a significant milestone in its customer engagement journey.

Business impact of an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot

Collaborating with the ADA customer engagement solutions team, DAN+DAN deployed an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot to seamlessly blend offline and online purchases. Recognising that 64% of Indonesians prefer chats over calls, the chatbot emerged as the ideal tool for customer interactions, fostering relationships and enabling cost-effective promotion broadcasts.

The goal was to ensure a consistent DAN+DAN shopping experience across all touch-points, prompting collaborative efforts to develop the necessary campaign collateral for a successful launch.

The results surpassed expectations – thousands of customers engaged seamlessly through the DAN+DAN WhatsApp chatbot, showcasing a remarkable increase in product interest. The impact extended to more than a hundred customers enrolling in beauty classes and over two hundred checking the nearest DAN+DAN offline store location. Positive sentiments from engaged customers were evident after the campaign finished, reinforcing its success.

Furthermore, the monthly broadcast open rate remained consistently high, complemented by visually appealing images. Key metrics, including increased online sales volume, higher chat-to-conversion percentages, reduced response times, and heightened participation in online beauty sessions, were closely monitored, ensuring a seamless campaign operation and optimisation aligned between DAN+DAN and ADA.

“During the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, ADA’s implementation of the WhatsApp business chatbot was a lifeline for DAN+DAN, ” said Vania Lo, president director, PT. Sumber Indah Lestari (DAN+DAN).

“The shift to this platform not only helped us maintain personalised interactions, but also significantly contributed to preserving our sales outcomes. For ADA team, we are truly grateful for your support, more to come!”

The DAN+DAN team celebrates at Marketing Excellence Awards 2023.

How ADA’s WhatsApp for Business enhances the customer life cycle

  • Continuous engagement: WhatsApp for Business allows companies to engage with customers throughout the entire customer life cycle, from initial awareness to post-purchase support. The platform can be used to automate FAQs, reduce waiting times, improve customer engagement, and deliver a seamless experience.
  • Personalisation: Businesses can send personalised recommendations, offers, and updates via WhatsApp, increasing customer loyalty and extending their lifetime value. ADA’s XACT/CDP will enrich customer data for better targeting to engage customers in a personalised and relevant way.
  • Proactive customer care: By using WhatsApp to proactively address customer needs and concerns, businesses can foster a stronger and longer lasting relationship. Companies can also turn their call centres into a revenue driver when you integrate with WhatsApp through an API.
  • Transform, engage and convert: AI-powered WhatsApp conversational chatbots that transform CX to improve engagement and increase sales conversions. The company can build multilingual chatbots that work together with human experts to guide customers in their buying journey. In the case of DAN+DAN, thousands of customers actively engaged and there was a notable increase in product interest, showcasing heightened customer curiosity and interaction.

Client-centric advantages with META as a business partner

ADA’s collaboration with META is proving to be an asset directly benefiting clients. This partnership grants ADA access to Meta Business Partners, an elite group rigorously selected for its exceptional technical skills and services, along with its unique ability to drive business growth.

As part of this esteemed global community, ADA’s clients enjoy exclusive advantages, including specialised training, dedicated support, in-depth analytics reports, and opportunities for client matching. With ADA and Meta’s partnership, clients not only receive top-notch services, but also access a realm of opportunities tailored to enhance their business success.

Real impact, real results

ADA customer engagement solutions stand out as a powerful tool for clients, exemplified by DAN+DAN’s success. The conversational AI consistently achieves a high broadcast message open rate, reflecting its efficacy in reaching and engaging audiences.

Early engagement saw a significant boost, and DAN+DAN, as a client, attests to the streamlined work processes and reduced workload for customer service. The post-chat commerce experience garnered overall positive sentiments from engaged customers, affirming the platform’s effectiveness in enhancing customer relationships and operational efficiency.

In essence, WhatsApp for Business has proven to be a dynamic solution, with DAN+DAN serving as a testament to its success.

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