Top 10 Hong Kong ads of 2017 (so far) revealed

Google has released its YouTube ads leaderboard for the first two quarters of 2017 based on an algorithm that factors in paid views, organic views and audience retention (how much of a video people watched).

The list showcases the top 5 ads that have won over their target audience by knowing what their audiences love the most, be it humour and jokes for teenagers, parenting tips for new mothers, or even Pokémon for the general Hong Kong public.

Have a look at these creative ads to keep you inspired through the week.

Top 5 YouTube HK ads in Q1

No. 1: Circle K Calls on all Pokémon hunters

Riding on the city’s obsession with Pokémon, local convenience store Circle K encourages Hong Kongers to “catch ’em all” in 齊齊印 齊齊捉 Pokémon聯萌!. Pokémon hunters can use the store’s mobile app to collect and redeem post-purchase stamps, and bring home the full collection of Pokémon dolls. The cute animation captured the hearts of Hong Kongers and took the top spot on the 2017 Q1 YouTube Ads Leaderboard.

Uploaded by: Circle K Convenience Stores (HK) Ltd
Creative agency: Uth Creative Group Ltd
Media: PHD Media Limited

No. 2: Laugh out loud with YouTube Hong Kong Creators

Dragon Wartown, a mobile game app based on the popular Three Kingdoms legend, used humour by collaborating with local YouTube creators FHMedia (also known as FHProduction) in “穿越三國,回到香港”. Doing what they are best known for, FHMedia put on their iconic bear-shaped headgear, and in ancient Chinese costumes, used witty Cantonese puns, jokes and epic game moves that resonated with teenagers.

Uploaded by: 蒼龍一擊 – Funtown HK Limited
Creative agency: FH Production

No. 3: Swanson Broth & Stock’s easy steamed egg recipe drooled viewers over

The 37-second “史雲生教室 [香滑蒸水蛋]” ad by Swanson Broth & Stock is an example of a great execution idea for non-skippable ads. This simple yet educational video shows three easy steps and reaches out to audiences of all culinary levels, to create a delicious and healthy steamed dish that Hong Kongers know and love.

Uploaded by: Swanson Broth & Stock – Campbell’s
Creative agency: Swanson Broth & Stock – Campbell’s
Media: MEC Hong Kong

No. 4: Pampers shares useful day-to-day tips with newborn mothers

In this educational ad from Pampers Hong Kong, a parenting expert shows Hong Kong moms a basic step-by-step guide to bathe babies. “BB沖涼篇” is a simple but powerful ad that boosts brand awareness for Pampers, especially for mothers with newborns.

Uploaded by: Pampers
Creative agency: ASONE Creation
Media: Starcom

No. 5: Nestle’s cheeky take on ice-cream bar MEGA, the ultimate “big popsicle”

Nestle cheekily introduces its latest product MEGA, a gigantic ice-cream bar glazed with dark chocolate and nuts. The video begins with two tourists who are looking for a gigantic ice-cream bar, and a clueless but helpful geek leads them on a search. This ad implements the subtle humour usually found in Nestle’s ads, allowing it to take fifth place on the leaderboard.

Uploaded by: Nestle Ice Cream & Confectionary
Media: ZenithOptimedia

Top 5 YouTube HK ads in Q2

No. 1: The department of love, Hong Kong and Macau version

This video shared by Efun遊戲平台 starts with a group of friends mourning the “death” of their friend – he’s getting married! He shares examples of how great and understanding his fiancée is, envied by all gamers, boyfriends and husbands in the world. The video concludes with the couple planning their life together, and wanting to be married in both the real world, and the gaming world.

Uploaded by: 夢幻誅仙
Creative agency: Ctrl Media Ltd

No. 2: Lucozade X Dear Jane’s new single “Keep your inner fire alive”

葡萄適 Lucozade HK and Dear Jane, a local Hong Kong band, collaborated to create a song about the latter’s pursuit of their dream. Dear Jane’s music journey echoes with the struggles Hong Kongers face in their daily lives, bringing out how it’s important for everyone to keep their “inner fire” (In other words, passion) alive. The message is that Lucozade can help improve your performance and help you battle everyday struggles.

Uploaded by: Lucozade HK
Creative agency: J. Walter Thompson Hong Kong
Media: IPG Media Brands

No. 3: Hong Kong Ocean Park 40th Anniversary micro movie

Ocean Park created a micro movie to go with its 40th anniversary celebrations which zeroes in on Hong Kongers’ childhood memories. The video tells us to seize the opportunity, remember the good memories with friends, and look forward to creating more precious memories.

Uploaded by: Ocean Park
Creative agency: METTA Communications and COT Film Production
Media: dentsu X Hong Kong

No. 4: The return of iconic Panthère de Cartier

Cartier created an online campaign with Oscar winner Sofia Coppola to bring back the iconic Panthère de Cartier watch. The one minute video is filled with vitality, and takes a more youthful tone compared to Cartier’s more traditional iterations, by featuring young actress Courtney Eaton.

Uploaded by: Cartier
Media: Blue 449, Publicis

No. 5: My Melody – McDonald’s Happy Meal 2017 complete set

McDonald’s shows how fun it is to play with your friends, rather than playing alone. Even better, kids can have even more fun by collecting the Thomas & Friends and My Melody toy sets from McDonald’s Happy Meals.

Uploaded by: McDonald’s
Creative agency: DDB
Media: OMD

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