Top 5 ads on YouTube Hong Kong

YouTube Hong Kong has released the top 5 ads of the leaderboard in Q2 2018. The winning ads show strong storytelling skills with common themes that speak directly to the local audience.

MTR Hong Kong

MTR Hong Kong’s latest video takes the top spot of the leaderboard. It made people smile with the genuine responses of the kids when they were asked what their parents’ jobs were at MTR.

Somersby Hong Kong

Somersby Hong Kong’s ad takes the second place. Its easy-to-remember lyrics of Somersby apple cider song made people sing along with popular actors Lam Suet (林雪) and To Siu Kiu (杜小喬).

CSL Mobile

The third is CSL Mobile’s recent brand campaign ad featuring popular actors Gordan Lam (林家棟) and Lam Suet (林雪), showing with the fastest and most reliable network, they can achieve more goals in life.

Didi Hong Kong

Followed by Didi Hong Kong’s 5-minute video ad, which shows how Didi taxi app helped solving Hong Kongers’ and pet sitters’ everyday challenge of getting a taxi.


Nescafe’s ad video made it to the fifth place. It features love story of actress Chrissie Chau (周秀娜) and delivers the messages of pursuing happiness in a smooth, sweet way.

Eva Ng, industry leader of Google Hong Kong said: “It is a ‘skippable world’ in YouTube. If the content is not engaging and without a powerful emotional hook, users will skip the video. In a ‘skippable world’, you can’t afford to do medicore ad, you really need to work a lot harder.”

She added that Youtube’s new tool “bumper”, which is a 6 second ad, can help brands to deliver their message right on point to the audience.  

The top 5 bumpers of YouTube leaderboard are: Relief HK(必理痛特強傷風感冒丸2017全新廣告), Saint Honore Cake Shop(2017聖安娜月餅金沙軟心奶黃月餅), Fortune Pharm HK(2017 幸福醫藥【速效幸福傷風感冒素(香港人嘅精神) - 斷古惑仔6s】), Coca Cola(「可口可樂」夾美食,越夾越GUR!- 港式小食篇)and Vitasoy(維他奶低糖黑豆奶 全新廣告 6s (2017)).