'Waiting for Uncle Fat' tops the Internet buzzword

Political reform triggers a lot of catchphrases.

Yahoo Hong Kong announces top 10 Internet buzzwords of 2015 third quarter.

‘Waiting for Uncle Fat’ became the most trendy of buzzwords – In June 2015, the Legislative Council voted on the political reform proposal. The proposal was dramatically turned down by the majority of votes. Establishmentarians missed the vote, saying they had to ‘wait for Uncle Fat’.

The phrase then prompted a lot of retouching of pictures and recreation of songs, and became a trendy term. It also attracted a lot of netizens to search, which brought this term to the top of the buzz word chart.

Meanwhile, ‘Not afraid of god-like competitors, just afraid of pig-like teammates’ and ‘Ignorance can be cured, but stupidity is forever’, gained second and third places, respectively.

At the same time, Yok-sing Tsang, chairman of the Legislative Council, impressed the public with his sayings, including ‘Let’s see how you will make fun of me’, ‘Stupid is as stupid does’ and ‘Now comes the thief’, and became the king of political verse with three places in the chart.

Top 10 Internet buzzwords in 2015

1. Waiting for Uncle Fat
2. Not afraid of god-like competitors, just afraid of pig-like teammates
3. Ignorance can be cured, but stupidity is forever
4. Let’s see how you will make fun of me
5. Stupid is as stupid does
6. What’s your surname, Mr. Chan?
7. No significant risk to health unless there is lifelong consumption
8. Betray by flipping bowl
9. Now comes the thief
10. Violence saved the stock market

The search giant also reveals Chung-mau Lo, the member of the University of Hong Kong Council, is the top of the mocking people/organisations in 2015.

The governance council temporarily suspended the appointment of Johannes Chan in July. A large number of students and alumni broke into the meeting room and asked the council for explanation.

At that time, Lo Chung-mau suddenly fainted in front of reporters. Netizens suspected him of pretending and criticized him online. A host of retouched photos appeared and boosted his popularity. Lo, therefore, became famous on the Internet and topped the chart.

Top 10 mocking people/organizations in 2015

1. Chung-mau Lo
2. Miramar Travel
3. 100 Most
4. Chip Tsao
5. Denise Ho Wan-see
6. James Tien Pei-chun
7. Gloria Yip Wan-yee
8. Don Li Yat-long
9. Huns Cheung
10. Cemetery News

A Yahoo survey found that over 70% of users would still conduct online search via mobile at home.

"Users can get closer to the search engines, instantly search what they find interesting and then contribute to related discussions around town, embodying the spirit of the search engine." said Rico Chan, vice president & general manager of Yahoo Hong Kong & INSEA sales.