Tinder wants you to feel the 'Vibes' through its in-app event

Tinder is set to launch what it deems as a "new in-app event" called Vibes which will only last 48 hours. According to a press release, members of the app will be alerted when Vibes kicks off in their area via a push notification or when they open the app. Participants will then answer a series of questions to give potential matches more insights into whether they will "vibe". The people "vibing" will be displayed on potential match profiles for 72 hours to give them more time to start conversations within the chat window. 

"We built Vibes to help make profiles as dynamic as our members while giving them more to match on along the way,” Udi Milo, vice president of product at Tinder, said .“This is the first of many things we’re creating for the Tinder community this year so they can show off more of their personalities on the app,” Milo added. The press release said that Vibes will be rolling out globally in late May. If the vibe check is right during the event, members have the opportunity to continue their conversations via its face to face video chat. 

The face to face video chat was released by Tinder in October 2020, allowing members to chat once they have both liked each other on the app. The brand said that it wanted to make sure its members are on the same page with video. The Face to Face video function is enabled on a match-by-match basis. Once the conversation is flowing and the members are ready to show their interest in a face to face, they can tap the video icon. The feature won’t be enabled until both parties have opted in. 

The new Vibes experience builds on in-app events like Swipe Night and Swipe Surge. According to its website, its Swipe Night event was previously re-launched in September 2020 in the United States to coincide with the event’s global launch. Swipe Night is a first-person, interactive event where Tinder members can swipe at key points in the experience to move the story forward and see where it takes them. Its website also said that a Swipe Surge can happen at anytime time when people in members' areas are lighting up on Tinder. During a Swipe Surge, activity is up to 15 times higher, enabling match-making potential to be increased by 250%, which allows members to start a new conversation with other individuals 33% faster.

Recently, Tinder's sister dating app OkCupid, launched "Love, Your Way" campaign to help Singaporean Millennials forge meaningful connections. Its latest spot released on YouTube shares the different scenarios of dating that one can have when they use the app. The video ends with the campaign's tag line "Love, Your Way" with a voiceover saying: "With OkCupid, you can find love, your way". According to OkCupid, the campaign was inspired by evolving user behaviour and dating patterns on the app where people are looking for quality matches over quantity, and are matching based on what truly matters to them. It also serves to empower users to define what they are really looking for in a partner and allows for them to do so on their own terms.

This followed OkCupid Climate Change Advocate Badge in-app release last month, lining up with Earth Month. According to its data, OkCupid found that users are "hot" for climate change advocates. Hence, users who indicate interest in supporting the environment by having the badge on their profile will automatically receive it. OkCupid also donated US$1 to non-governmental organisation Earthday.org for every person who added the badge to her or his profile.

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