Tiger Beer promotes local street food scene

Born on the streets of Asia, Tiger Beer is one of the top selling beers in hawker centres, street food stalls and night markets around the region.

Now the brand is taking this passion for food to the world with a new film that brings heroics to street food and honours the universal and central symbol of Asian cuisine –the wok.

Produced by The Sweet Shop, in collaboration with Droga5 Sydney, the 60-second film was shot over 10 days across three countries. It features striking visuals set against a rhythmic narrative, and an edgy soundtrack created by Song Zu.

“This spot was the perfect collaboration between a great agency, a brave client, an incredible director, and amazing crews, composers and editors,” adds Wilf Sweetland, managing partner of The Sweet Shop. “Produced through our Australian and Asian global network offices it ran like a jazz piece, every part of the production worked off one another, shifting and changing, until a groove was found and a truly spectacular film was created.”

David Nobay, former creative chairman at Droga5 Sydney, now creative chairman of Marcel Sydney, added: "This project was all about elevating the everyday life of Asia's street woks to somewhere a bit magical.”

The film will run in various forms in cinemas, TV and online throughout Australia, before being rolled out across Asia and globally.

View the spot here.

Campaign credits:

Client:                                     Heineken Asia Pacific
Product:                                  Tiger Beer
Agency:                                   Droga5, Sydney
Creative Chairman:                David Nobay
Creative Director:                   Andy Fergusson
Copy Writer:                           Gavin Chimes
Art Director:                           Tommy Cehak
Senior Business Director:       Richard Sweetman
Head Of Content:                   Holly Alexander
Production Company:            The Sweet Shop
Director:                                  SEGA
Executive Producer:               Wilf Sweetland/Edward Pontifex/Daniel Ho
DOP:                                        Pedro Del Ray
Art Director:                           Jimmy Bong (KL);Darren Lovejoy (Vietnam); James Page (Singapore)
Editor & Company:    Andrew Holmes / Offline Editor; Joe Morris / Offline Editor (30 Sec) C/O Heckler
Post Production & City:         Heckler / Sydney
Sound Design/Remix: Song Zu Singapore