The social hacks you need to know

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Many marketers rush to incorporate social video into their marketing strategy but lack research into the science of making a video shareable and what really constitutes viral success. Firstly, social media effectiveness is not merely a measure of numbers but better measured by the shape of conversations and the ability of a brand to create brand memories. Marketers who don’t study the science of balancing branding messages within video often think obvious marketing will dissuade audiences from sharing.

Contrary to this popular belief, a strongly branded video can still be highly shareable and achieve viral success. Apart from simply creating videos that trigger strong emotions, Mashwire adopts an approach towards social campaigns that not only engages and bonds with the target audience but also reflects the brand’s DNA.

1. Getting to know your target audience

In the age of post-demographic consumerism, people no longer behave like what their age would suggests and are not just bounded by traditional demographic boundaries. Therefore, we go a step further to understand their behaviour as an individual, and within the industry. By looking beyond demographics, we are able to unearth key insights which results us in making informed decisions as marketers to create the right content for the relevant people.

2. Connecting with them

In order to make sense of the large amount of data that the digital economy collects, Mashwire uses audience measurement systems and first-party data to form strategies that are relatable, maximising the positive state of mind among audiences and encourages user-generated content (UGC) at the same time. For instance, a key insight we unearthed while planning for Nestle’s MOM & ME campaign was that pregnant mothers wanted their husbands to experience what they were going through (though not 100% possible). With this insight, we sparked off the campaign, “A Taste of Pregnancy” which highly resonated with our target audience, in a light-hearted manner that encouraged pregnant women to tag their husbands. We empowered them with a social currency which resulted in a highly shareable content. This successfully achieved virality and built a connection between the consumer and brand.

3. Delivering the content right

Content delivery is often overlooked but the right content needs to be distributed for the right channel on the right platform. This goes back to how much do we understand our target audience’s journey. By identifying various micro-moments where high intensity decision-making occasions are present, a successful campaign can be effortless to pass on. Every campaign is different and users act differently across different platforms. Content has to be adapted accordingly at varies communication touch-points. Marketers that fail to cater varying content according to the channel and platform may be discouraged to find that their campaign may not meet viral success.

4. Bonding with target audience

While some may stop after executing their campaign, Mashwire always go further to build a bond between consumers and brand. Our personalised content encourages self-identification among our target audience. Through research, we ensure that the content has high social currency that incentivises audiences to share, increasing its shareability. For instance, when launching Marigold 0% Fat Yoghurt Drink’s “Feel Good It Shows” campaign, we understood that social sharing of quotes was a trend and a recognised social currency. Thus, we rode on that trend and built a content eco-system that not only speaks to the target audience, but facilitated the sharing of positivity. As a result, brand affinity increased.

5. Building trust among consumers

Mashwire builds trust with consumers by listening to the target audiences, building a community, being authentic and useful. When a brand stops becoming useful to consumers, it will be ignored. Thus, we continually create content that is helpful and authentic. Increasing trust ultimately increases sale, so brands who can be reliable, responsible and deliver on their promises will enjoy the fruits of success.

What are our advices for 2018? Re-visit your target audience and ask yourself if you truly understand them, intimately. Dare to try the unconventional and minimise the urge to camouflage brand / products in content pieces. Have a good understanding of data and not be restricted by Reach metrics only. By adding context to various metrics, we can gain valuable insights that can help a brand better understand its consumers.

Ultimately, a truly successful campaign will reflect the brand’s DNA and this is uncompromised at every point of the campaign from attracting to engaging and finally bonding with consumers. Contact us to find out more!

The Social Hacks

The writers are Jeff Ng and Teo Hon Wui, strategic integration planners and co-founders of Mashwire.