The serious business of edutainment fun

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Reinventing the meaning of edutainment

Spanning more than 81,000 square feet, equivalent to six Olympic-sized swimming pools, KidZania Singapore is an indoor family edutainment centre suitable for kids aged three and above to try out over 50 realistic role-play activities. They can experience different professions and find out how a city works, as they work, learn, earn and play!

A key component of the KidZania experience is the integration of real-world organisations to represent the city’s business and activities. Together with the industry partners’ content and subject matter expertise, each role-play activity is specially curated to offer the highest level of realism.

KidZania Singapore works with renowned international brands as well as familiar local brands to give guests a KidZania experience that is unique to Singapore’s heritage and culture.

Being the largest family indoor edutainment centre in Singapore, the city constantly refreshes its product offerings while remaining affordable to guests.

That is why KidZania Singapore is the first KidZania in the world to offer a kid and corporate annual pass programme, allowing families to enjoy unlimited fun all year round.

Beyond role-play fun

KidZania Singapore also organises thematic events and programmes for our visitors throughout the year. Guests’ feedback is collected on a yearly basis to gain insights on kids’ passions and preferences on activities, which in turn, sharpen how the city produces relevant content.

This led to an ideation of KidZania Singapore’s very own family-friendly Halloween event – SpookyTown. With an original storyline and characters that were created entirely in-house, a different storyline surrounds the mysterious SpookyTown which will evolve over the years so families can look forward to different stories unfolding each year.

In addition to familiar classic Halloween favourites such as trick-or-treat, and a haunted house, visitors can enjoy a range of activities catered to kids of different ages, even as young as three.

KidZania Singapore’s Halloween event in 2018, SpookyTown: The Lost Carnival, clinched silver place at MARKies 2019 for Most Creative – Public/Media Relations; and The Marketing Events Awards 2019 for Best Event by an In-house Team respectively.

This year, SpookyTown returns with The Masquerade Hunt. Held over seven select nights from 25 October to 9 November, the city of KidZania Singapore will once again be transformed into the mysterious SpookyTown at night, where families can look forward to an exciting night of gathering clues and embarking on a masquerade hunt to locate the town’s missing mayor.

Transformation from day to night: A city for business and leisure

Who says KidZania Singapore is just for kids? Adults can also have fun! Take over the entire city and make it your own. Companies can do a park buyout or book a specific location for an intimate evening – and watch the city transform into an exclusive venue with exclusive role-plays, curated food and beverage options, themed performances by our in-house talent, and more.

Among other KidZania cities in the region, KidZania Singapore is the first KidZania in the world to be located on an island resort, and the first city to have a full-winged fuselage of a Boeing 737 that gives our visitors an awe-inspiring close-up view of a real plane, even before they step into the city.

The demand for unique venues in Singapore is growing as companies are constantly looking to create a one-of-a-kind experience for their guests.

With five thematic venues, KidZania Singapore can support different types of events, including cocktail receptions, corporate team bonding, corporate dinners, family days, parties, product presentations, and networking sessions, just to name a few.

Although KidZania Singapore is situated on an island resort, the indoor city offers fully air-conditioned comfort and a sheltered walk-way from Beach Station’s car park to ensure guests remain weather-proof throughout the event.

KidZania Singapore allows brands to reach out to a captive family audience in the day, while promoting a unique and supportive business development environment at night.

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