The Learning Lab sheds new light on younger generation with latest brand film

Singapore's tuition and enrichment service provider, The Learning Lab, has released its latest brand film titled "Generation ‘You’". To raise brand awareness, generate leads, and create a brand halo effect by showcasing its brand values, the film introduces the generation of the viewers' children as what it deems as perhaps the greatest generation yet.

The two-minute film explores the usual criticisms levied against today’s children, such as their perceived tech-induced narcissism, before taking a turn to reveal how this very generation is in the best position to create the changes Singapore need for a better future. The film's narration directly addresses the audience, but is directed at their children's generation. The film is conceptualised by GOVT Singapore and directed by Jac Min of digital creative agency Semicolon.

The film is made available on The Learning Lab's Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channels, as well as its official website. In a statement to MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, a spokesperson from GOVT Singapore said the campaign will be driven primarily on social and digital channels to allow for more effective targeting. The Learning Lab will be driving views to the main film while also utilising cut downs and a teaser as additional drivers to the campaign site. Besides that, it will also be launching a series of engagement content that will help propel the narrative, and encourage conversation amongst parents.

The launch of "Generation ‘You’" is also part of The Learning Lab's broader strategy to communicate its strength in the private education sector, which it claims to be providing strong academic support while inspiring students to go beyond grades and widen their perspectives. According to The Learning Lab, it seeks to equip its students with the knowledge, skills and the disposition needed to answer the most challenging questions beyond the classroom by nurturing the love of learning and piquing curious minds.

Ng Yihang, head of marketing at The Learning Lab, said with the film, it hopes to inspire kids to go beyond textbooks and grades. "We want them to see what’s possible with the knowledge they glean from lessons and learning materials, and think about the positive impact they can have on the world and the society," Ng added. 

Kevin Poh, creative director at GOVT, said the agency made the film to show this much-maligned generation in a different light. It aimed not to feature them as kids constantly addicted to social media, but as possibly the greatest generation to come. Poh added that this is because this generation is the one that would have to grow up and grapple with some of the toughest problems the world is currently facing, such as climate change, inequality and pandemics.

“An insight expressed through what we hope is a visually interesting, progressive and thought-provoking piece about our next generation’s enormous potential, and The Learning Lab’s commitment to realising it," he said.  

The Learning Lab is not a stranger to using videos and films to raise awareness. Earlier in June, it released a film titled "Classrooms", as a tribute to all parents in Singapore and their bittersweet home-based learning experiences with their children during the circuit breaker period. The film was also created in partnership with GOVT Singapore. 

Separately in April 2019, the tuition service provider collaborated with BLKJ to launch an ad titled "Tests", which called for all parents to look beyond just exams and focus more on the real-life tests that their children face. Through the ad, The Learning Lab referred to experiences such as failure, lack of self-esteem and stage fright as the bigger tests in life that are often overlooked in the relentless pursuit of academic success. "Tests" came at a time when parents have expressed anxiety with regard to the recent announcements by the Ministry of Education about national-level changes to exams in primary and secondary schools. The Learning Lab launched Tests as part of its latest effort to encourage reflection on what it means to learn. 

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