The art of experience-centric event production

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Events planning has actively evolved, along with a shift in marketing approaches, to ensure consumers are involved emotionally. Experience-rich events evoke feelings and go beyond just sight, but exude sensations to bring a brand to life in a real-world 360-degree environment. It is this type of engagement that connects a consumer’s loyalty to a brand, be it a conference, product launch, brand activation, exhibition or a gala reception.

An experiential event is one of the biggest challenges for a brand to undertake. It involves an in-depth knowledge of current event tech trends, a tremendous amount of preparation and the ability to react to changing circumstances.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, the team at Mainstream Entertainment incorporates sensory elements to create immersive and lasting experiences for brands. As the recent bronze winner for Most Creative Business Event and a finalist for Most Creative Experiential at the Agency of the Year Awards 2020, the team has produced experiential solutions for corporations in the oil and gas industry, banking, insurance, telco, FMCG and automotive industry.

Offering a full service that is directed towards the corporate market, brands have trusted it to make the most of a unique opportunity. The team sets itself apart through its self-sufficiency, as it approaches its second decade of incorporation with services that include event management, audio-visual systems, creative conceptualisation, fabrication and content development.

With all of these aspects covered in-house, Mainstream Entertainment is able to establish its craft in the art of producing experience-centric solutions.

So, how do you create this type of experiential event? The answer is in understanding the demographic, focusing on the objectives of the event, presenting them in the most immersive way possible, and knowing the limitations and advantages of a space by utilising the latest event tech available.

Every decision should be guided by the clients’ needs, with their unique requirements forming the basis of every event. Most importantly, your experiential event must evoke behavioural responses. This approach is what has allowed the most strategic solutions to be implemented by Mainstream Entertainment.

The recent pandemic has created new challenges for the corporate events industry across the globe. The team has had to adapt quickly to make the best of the situation, undertaking extensive planning in a short period of time for alternative ways forward.

Hybrid events had already proven to be a regular practice for events before the pandemic, so the move towards a fully virtual event was not unprecedented. Now, Mainstream Entertainment is able to offer a fully customisable solution for every situation, whether it is a virtual conference, webinar or virtual launch event.

Despite the uncertainty of the current situation, the need for an experienced corporate event organiser is unlikely to go away any time soon. There is no replacement for a face-to-face conversation or for a well conducted in-person event to truly bring forth the experiential element of an event.

The need is not to find a replacement, but to continue to innovate to find new ways forward. As the industry recovers, the onus is on the team to continue working on new ways of achieving the same impressive results virtually.

There is no set definition of an experiential event, and that can make the task of creating one challenging.

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