Teeny weeny Coca-Cola Mini Can makes its in-store Hong Kong debut

The Coca-Cola company will release a Mini Can for the first time in Hong Kong today, responding to long-term consumer demand for a micro version of the brand's soft drink. 

While Coca-Cola’s classic can size can contain the standard 330ml in volume, a mini can stores only 200ml, appealing to soda fans wishing for a smaller serving. The mini can will be rolling out in major supermarkets from today and in convenience stores starting from June.

Products to be available in the mini version will include “Coca-Cola”, “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar”, “Fanta Orange”, “Schweppes Cream Soda”, “Sprite”, “Schweppes Dry Ginger Ale”, “Schweppes Soda Water”, “Schweppes Spicy Ginger Beer”, and “Schweppes Tonic Waters”.

“At Coca-Cola Hong Kong, we are always listening to consumers on how we can offer them products and packages that better meet their beverage needs,” said Page Guillot, general manager of Coca-Cola China Ltd- Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Mongolia.

“We realise that people have concerns about their sugar intake, improving their health and that they also desire convenience. Therefore, we responded by bringing that 200ml mini can to Hong Kong. The 330ml classic can and 200 ml mini can together provide comprehensive choices and more moments of happiness for fans,” Guillot added.

The company has said there will be a promotion campaign to further amplify the introduction of the mini can to the Hong Kong market and further updates are expected to be released soon.

In March Coca-Cola experimented with a different can shape, introducing a series of tall, thin cans decorated with elements of Hong Kong heritage.