Tao Ti features Terence Lam's new song in an ad

Beverage brand Tao Ti has recently worked with Hong Kong singer Terence Lam in an ad that features a new single.

The song (神奇的糊塗魔藥) and the ad combine the vision and values behind Tao Ti’s flagship product of the Supreme Tea Series, Oolong Tea. Through the integration of music and branded content, the brand celebrates a happy-go-lucky perspective in facing the little blunders in life. In close cooperation between Tao Ti, PHD Hong Kong, Lam, and director Donald Fok, the song, lyrics and music video integrate the brand and product naturally to create a light-hearted, refreshing, and unique Tao Ti brand experience.

The campaign includes a music video and a one-minute cut-down version, running across online platforms, TV channels, and MTR screens.

“We hope audiences like our communications approach and our selection of Terence Lam as our brand endorser, who has become a fan-favourite recently. Through the light-hearted, refreshing lyrics and music video, we hope to communicate our brand values and better connect with audiences,” said Vicky Wong, brand manager of Telford International Company. 

Phyllis Lam, business director of PHD Hong Kong, also commented, “Cantopop and music videos have increasingly become an integral part of Hongkongers’ collective cultural identity and a rallying cry in these trying times. We saw an opportunity to tap into this trend and invite new conversation around the brand by uniting the equally 'supreme' quality of Tao Ti products and the music of Lam."

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