Taiwan unveils new startup support brand, "Startup Island TAIWAN”, ahead of CES appearance

Taiwan is launching its new brand set to support local startups, "Startup Island TAIWAN” and has unveiled a logo for the scheme, in advance of its upcoming appearance at CES.

Planned and created by its National Development Council (NDC), the name of the communal brand is meant to symbolise the united power of startup companies across Taiwan. Supported by various government departments and private enterprises, the brand is hoped to showcase the very best of Taiwan’s startups to the world and help them expand to global markets.

“This brand belongs to all Taiwanese startups, and we welcome all startups in Taiwan to carry this brand in their global expansions,” said Mei-Ling Chen, Minister of the NDC.

The brand’s logo design is based on the visual representation of a DNA strand, which represents how the spirit of innovation is embedded in the very genes of Taiwanese people. Furthermore, the logo’s four colours represent the characteristics of diversity in culture, daring innovation, cutting-edge tech, and endless creativity.

Chen commented, “For two years in a row, Taiwan was selected as one of the four super innovators by the World Economic Forum, along with Germany, USA, and Switzerland. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2018/19 Global Report by Babson College and London Business School, Taiwan was ranked fourth in the National Entrepreneurship Context Index. It indicated that we have great innovation capabilities, and we should be more confident of ourselves”. 

The brand launch event for Startup Island Taiwan took place on 18 December 2019 and was attended by over 100 entrepreneurs, including representatives from 50 startup teams including AppWorks, Garage+, and AAMA. This week, Startup Island Taiwan will be presented for the first time at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

At the launch event, Dr. I. C. Jan, the Ambassador of Startup Genome, emphasised the importance of a unified and consistent identity for marketing, saying: “Startup Island TAIWAN could reflect the uniqueness and diversity of Taiwan with emotional connections and resonance.”