Start-up Axinan picks digital partner for customer acquisition

An insurance tech start-up, Axinan has appointed Happy Marketer as its digital partner. The agency will primarily focus on customer acquisition through programmatic driven performance marketing. It will also be responsible for developing and implementing a digital strategy for content distribution to support Axinan's B2C business across Southeast Asia.

As the Axinan team aims to strengthen its digital efforts to launch its business, Happy Marketer will be the key consultant to derive, optimise and follow through the digital strategy.

“Axinan is bringing a completely different perspective to the insurance sector, and as such requires a partner that brings a fresh perspective to digital marketing - to acquire, engage and retain customers. Happy Marketer with its proven pedigree in digital marketing for emerging businesses across industries is well suited to take on this challenge and deliver a great experience," Raunak Mehta, chief commercial officer at Axinan, Singapore, said.

“We truly appreciate Axinan’s business and would thank them for entrusting us with this opportunity. With our extensive experience in the financial services and fintech domain, we are confident of helping a market disruptor achieve their marketing goals and business objectives," Vishal Thakur, director of performance marketing at Happy Marketer said.