Starbucks Indonesia supports Tanah Abang locals through community store


Starbucks Indonesia has opened its first community store outlet in Jakarta. The outlet will be dedicated to the Tanah Abang community to strengthen the spirit of togetherness and support the welfare of the local community. Tanah Abang (translates to soil brother) is a district in Central Jakarta that is considered to be the largest textile market in Southeast Asia.

In a Facebook post, Starbucks Indonesia said that the community store will operate differently from all other Starbucks outlets. Part of the sales from the community store will be donated to marginal children around Tanah Abang, in collaboration with NGOs – Indonesian Street Children Organisation and Sahabat Anak.


Marketing Interactive has reached out to Starbucks Indonesia for additional information. Starbucks Coffee Indonesia opened its first store in Plaza Indonesia, 17 May 2002. As of January 2018, Starbucks Coffee Indonesia has 326 different locations around 22 cities.

The coffee giant has also been actively engaging with Indonesians. Starbucks Indonesia recently collaborated with several local illustrators to create filters and stickers, which customers can use when sharing Instagram stories on their experiences at its outlets. This was part of its #SBUXCupOfStories campaign, which included printed QR codes on Starbucks cups directing customers to a dedicated microsite.

Users who participated in the campaign on its microsite were also said to receive discount coupons off its summer drinks named “dark caramel coffee sphere” and “watermelon and lychee aloe”.

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