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Sina Weibo and forbidden Facebook sync

Sina Weibo is the first China-based social media portal to leverage the Facebook social behemoth.

Users can now log into the Chinese website via their Facebook accounts and can also share their Sina text, video and photo statuses, location information as well as online clips and music on Facebook.

Currently, sharing can only be done on Sina Weibo’s online platform: Android and iOS functions will roll out soon.

In Hong Kong Sina Weibo and Octopus promote the new partnership with a $10 cash coupon for every successful registration; users who recommend friends to sign onto the Chinese social media site via Facebook will be eligible to win a $100 cash coupon.

To date, the Chinese social media site boasts 530 million users. In 2010, it entered into a partnership with Windows Live – whereby Sina Weibo contacts will sync with a Windows phone and; users can also share status updates, photos as well as reply to and forward posts via their phones.

This year Sina Weibo continued it’s Instagram link up where users of the photo-sharing hub can share images with followers on Sina Weibo as well.

Other collaborations include Flipboard and Apple iOS 6.

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