TikTok partners SG radio app to launch #SGUnited challenge

TikTok has partnered with Singaporean radio app Camokakis to launch a new online challenge titled "#SGUnited", which aims to instill positivity, community-spiritedness and unity amongst Singaporeans. Camokakis is a brand under Singapore media company So Drama! Entertainment (previously known as SAFRA Radio), and comprises music stations 88.3Jia and Power 98 Love Songs. 

The challenge encourages Singaporeans to upload TikTok videos of their own hand-washing motions choreographed to the #SGunited challenge song, which was produced by the Music and Drama Company (MDC) and performed by local artistes Gail Belmonte and Khim Ng. Camokakis also encourages users to use custom TikTok stickers and special in-app effects to create their videos. 

According to Camokakis, its challenge rides on the success of other handwashing challenges such as Vietnam’s #ghencovychallenge (which saw many Vietnamese posting their version of a viral dance video originally choreographed by dancer Quang Đăng). The #SGUnited challenge looks to support Singapore’s national efforts against COVID-19 by rallying Singaporeans to play their part in preventing the spread of germs.

In a statement to Marketing, Doreen Tan, user and content operations manager of TikTok Singapore, said marketing efforts for the #SGUnited challenge will be through localised, personalised content recommendations powered by machine learning algorithms. She added that the algorithm enables users not to passively watch, but also to proactively like, share, comment, or even co-create content. Tan also said the challenge taps on the impact of social influencers and local celebrities in raising awareness on the importance of good hygiene practices.

Tan said marketing efforts will be executed online through the Facebook and Instagram pages of MDC, 88.3Jia and Power 98 Love Songs; on the radio through radio stations 88.3Jia and Power 98 Love Songs; and in-app through TikTok’s "Discover" page as a trending hashtag. The most engaging or creative videos will be featured on the "Discover" page as well. TikTok will also spotlight the top user-generated content from users, such as most creative or most liked videos, through the app’s #SGunited landing page. Additionally, users will be able to find tips on staying safe and adopting good hygiene practices to tackle COVID-19 on the TikTok app.

A quick check by Marketing shows that the #SGUnited challenge has garnered 741,500 views on TikTok at the time of writing. Multiple videos have also been uploaded under the challenge, varying from single-person videos to ones done with a group of friends. A couple of users also featured their pets in their video. 

tiktok sgunited

Susanna Kulatissa, So Drama! Entertainment’s creative director overseeing the Camokakis brand, said it hopes to use music and movement to spread positivity and bring people together through the partnership with TikTok. The company also aims to help the younger generation understand the magnitude and challenges of the current climate. “Mitigating the spread of COVID-19 calls for a multi-stakeholder approach to drive collective action and garner support from the community," Kulatissa added.

Tan said the #SGUnited challenge will enable Singaporeans from all walks of life to help raise awareness by digitally showing their support through song and dance. She added that the collaboration between Camokakis and TikTok will encourage Singapore to remain united in the fight against COVID-19.

Last month, TikTok also encouraged users to create TikTok videos with a song from K-pop boy band BTS' highly anticipated new album titled "MAP OF THE SOUL: 7". This comes as the platform exclusively pre-released a 30-second clip of the song titled "ON" from the new album.

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