Gushcloud launches Gen Z division, exclusively signs YouTube and Tiktok creators

Influencer agency Gushcloud has formed a new Gen Z division under its talent division that will specifically support young digital content creators.

The company has exclusively signed YouTubers Coby Persin (pictured left), Gabriella Whited, Erik Sanchez (pictured right), Stella Rae, as well as TikTok creator Johnny Valentine (pictured centre), lifestyle and fashion vlogger Allisa Rose, and singer/songwriter/dancer Tori Kay. It has also worked with Gen Z personalities such as Brooke Butler, Rush Holland Butler, Tati McQuay, and Hayden Summerall.

According to Gushcloud, the Gen Z personalities that it works with are adding "an influential category" to its overall talent roster, bringing in millions of followers and views on platforms such as Tik Tok and YouTube. Marketing has reached out to Gushcloud for additional information.

Tracy Willis, VP of digital talent for Gushcloud, said the talent agency's mission is to connect today's top digital talent and content creators with global audiences and brands, and be the leading agency for digital stars. She added that working with Gen Z and families is a "focus vertical" for the company.

Gushcloud International is a global digital talent agency group which has offices based in 10 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and China. According to its official website, the company represents over 13,000 influencers globally with 300 exclusively signed talent.

The company recently raised US$11 million for the expansion of its digital celebrity representation business into US and China. Earlier last year, Gushcloud merged with marketing agency DSTNCT, forming a partnership where Gushcloud Marketing Group shares its resources and data within the fields of influencer and content marketing in Asia, and  DSTNCT provides insights and creativity by leading integrated marketing and social. Gushcloud also launched a micro influencer network called Ribbit last year, which provides clients and agency partners with stronger marketing solutions in the influencer marketing and performance marketing space.