Scoot wants to help you get out of the ‘friend zone’

Scoot has launched a new campaign and video showcasing the journey of two friends of opposite sex and the journey of the guy to getting his female travel companion to be more than friends.

The campaign was done in partnership with Tourism Western Australia and is called ‘Fly out of the Friend Zone’. The two friends, Elijah and Natalie, were put on a five day 4 night trip to Perth which involved romantic activities such as a candlelight dinner, gondola ride, a helicopter ride over the Perth City and even a couple’s massage.

Since the video’s posting on Facebook, the spot garnered over 103k views, 645 reactions and 148 shares at the time of writing. Watch it here:

As part of the campaign, Tourism Western Australia also curated a ‘top 10 romantic’ list of things to do and places to see for lovelorn hopefuls. Marketing has reached out to Scoot and Tourism Western Australia for additional comments.

Most recently, Scoot gave tickets to its shortlisted agency partners to various destinations in a bid to help them understand the brand better and experience the airline’s service, especially its 787 Dreamliner, which is a key product differentiator. The brand wanted the agencies to experience the product first hand. Marketing understands around seven agencies were shortlisted, the agencies are BBH, BBDO, BLK J, GOVT, Tribal DDB, WE Communications and Edelman

In September, Scoot confirmed to Marketing that it was speaking to several agencies with regards to a closed door creative and social pitch. Days after calling for a creative and digital pitch, Publicis terminated its contract with Scoot. In a statement confirming the move to Marketing, a spokesperson from Scoot said it has acknowledged Publicis’ termination.

The airline has often been lauded for its cheeky campaigns and has worked with Publicis since 2013 for many of its award-winning executions. Last year, the brand landed a hat trick at the fifth Marketing Excellence Awards in Singapore, being named Marketer of the Year for the third consecutive year in front of over 500 marketers.