SCMP launches research arm to offer intelligence and insights into China

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) has launched “SCMP Research”, a platform aimed at providing the latest intelligence and insights on leading industries in China.

This research arm publishes reports that provide actionable intelligence, deep-dives, case studies, data, and first-hand insights, while exploring forecasts and implications for the future in China. 

Targeting global business leaders and industry observers, the English-language reports focus on China’s unique and complex markets and provide in-depth analysis for specific industries and sub-regions of the country.

“SCMP Research aims to serve global stakeholders and elevate critical understanding about China,” said Gary Liu, CEO of SCMP.

“The speed of China’s growth is extraordinary, but the market remains complex and oftentimes opaque. This knowledge product includes both independent journalism and insider expertise, providing clarity through deep insights that can inform decisions for international businesses, institutional researchers, and policymakers around the world.”

The reports are produced by SCMP Research in close collaboration with SCMP’s award-winning news and infographics team, along with a group of external experts, including strategic consultants, professional researchers, and industry insiders. Each report is accompanied by a webinar series that provides exclusive and unique access to executives and experts for further analysis.

It has published two reports, the first being the “China Internet Report 2020” which delves into key technology trends such as the impact of COVID-19 on China’s digital transformation, the mass adoption of 5G across the country, and the continued evolution of live-streaming. 

“The China AI Report” published earlier this year examines the development of artificial intelligence and its deployment across multiple industries.

Upcoming reports will include a deep-dive look at China’s healthcare industry that will be released in August 2020.

“There is a growing demand for high-quality industry reports focused on China, and SCMP Research will fill that need with comprehensive intelligence and insights, backed by the strength of SCMP’s editorial expertise.”

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