Samsung set to radically change marketing strategy

According to Korean news outlet Newsis, Samsung is about to radically change direction in terms of marketing. Instead of its usual biennial release strategy for flagship phones—the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, respectively—the disaster-afflicted tech giant is now opting for a single premium release per year.

Presumably, this adjustment is in response to the exploding Note 7 that has made headlines all over the world. The report said that the company’s tight release schedule affects product quality.

In a rush to release new phones to outdo arch-nemesis Apple and other rivals, the tech-giant may have pushed itself too far and quality assurance may have suffered as a result, producing gadgets that are now banned on planes due to excessive fire risk.

Arguably, the best decision for Samsung may be to ditch the Note product line completely to focus on its other models and hopefully preserve their market share in other lines, such as the upcoming Galaxy S8.

While the Note series has traditionally been a major cash cow for Samsung, it’s arguably better to cut the losses and get rid of the whole ‘tarnished’ brand rather than throwing good money after bad, instead focusing on a single major release.

“Samsung has not notified its suppliers of the plan to scrap the current two-flagship models strategy, but if so that could impact the parts suppliers to some extent,” an official from one of Samsung’s partner firms said, according to the The Korea Herald.

“For now, everything is up in the air about what Samsung will do to recover from the recent fiasco involving the Note 7, but it will certainly make changes to its current marketing strategy and product portfolio.”