Samsung explores the realm of wearable tech

After Google Glass and a rumoured Apple iWatch, Samsung is moving into wearable tech.

Dubbed "Galaxy Gear", the new "watch" is said to offer basic phone functions like calling, SMS, photo and video sharing, and even its own apps. As of today, more than 70 apps have been launched exclusively for the device.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are also available to connect with the Galaxy S family of Android devices.

To differentiate from similar wearable tech creations from its competitor such as SONY's SmartWatch and Nissan's Nismo Watch, Samsung highlights the focus on aesthetic aspect.

Targeting technology fans to fashionistas, business folks and music fans, Samsung said the new device is designed as an accessory as much as it is a fashion statement or clothing item.

"Galaxy Gear is intended to extend the GALAXY experience onto a wearable device that is not only a gadget piece, but also an iconic fashion piece," Yinyi Zhou, director of telecom business at Samsung Electronics Hong Kong, said.

"This new wearable technology is for those who want to truly make a difference in their daily lives and enhance it by making day to day routines easier and more enjoyable.

"The most integrating part of Samsung Galaxy Gear is that it bridges the gap between your mobile device and fashion world by offering a sleek design wearable technology that does not spell geeky, but modern," Zhou added.

As Samsung likes to do, the tech giant is throwing a lot of money at the new product, with a traditional marketing taking in TV, print ads and Galaxy Studio.

Additional functions include "Smart Relay", where full content of the incoming message will instantly show the on the screen; "S Voice" allowing users to activate a camera, take photos, draft massages and create new calendar entries and a "Memographer" where users can snap photos and record videos on the move.

The Gear will be available in 149 countries including Hong Kong from 25 September.