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Revolutionising advertising: The merger of AI-driven mobile event spaces and DOOH

Revolutionising advertising: The merger of AI-driven mobile event spaces and DOOH

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Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising has seen significant growth over the years, particularly in the APAC region. In fact, the medium reached US$8 billion in 2022, and it is expected this number will grow to reach US$18 billion by 2028, according to research group IMARC.

It was also found that spending on outdoor advertising in the APAC region is projected to reach US$22.8 billion by 2024, a 33% increase YOY since 2021, according to adtech company Hivestack. It was also reported there are currently over one million screens across 80 media owners delivering more than 118 billion monthly impressions.

With the rapid rise in digitalisation over the years, this number is only expected to grow. After all, DOOH is now not just a part of, but a big contributor to the omni-channel marketing mix.

What makes DOOH better?

DOOH enables marketers from brands of all sizes to customise and tailor their brand messaging based on location, demographic, traffic patterns, and other relatable factors.

Moreover, with the advent of screens in consumers’ lives, and the rise of DOOH advertising platform implementations, these screens have become familiar to consumers and fit seamlessly into their day-to-day experiences.

One major player in the OOH marketing space is Unicom Marketing, which has over 15 years of expertise in markets such as Malaysia and Singapore. With its legacy in the realm of mobile event spaces, the company now boasts a fleet of event trucks, including food trucks, Kombi vans, three-sided glass trucks, and stage trucks which have fast become staples for brand activation campaigns.

In a conversation with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, founder of Unicom Marketing, Jason Yong, explained that one reason for the success of these mobile spaces is due to the adaptable layouts, and being able to employ modular designs that seamlessly transform to suit diverse events and themes.

“Our mobile truck can change to fit different events or themes,” he said.

He added that the trucks also have extensive reach, allowing it to cater to a broad audience as the mobile event spaces cover more than 20 locations monthly, engaging over 10,000 target audience members. This widespread presence ensures maximum visibility and interaction.

Last, but not least, at a time where speed is paramount, the swift set-up and dismantling of these mobile spaces not only make them flexible to time-starved marketing and events teams, but also contribute to cost-saving measures, offering clients efficient solutions without compromising on quality.

Integration of AI

Not one to rest on its laurels, and to keep ahead of market trends, the Unicom Marketing team has incorporated cutting-edge AI capabilities to create even more immersive and personalised experiences for marketers.

Yong said the infusion of AI capabilities will allow marketers to create personalised LED screens that can dynamically adjust content to suit various parameters, while AI-driven assistants guide attendees and offer real-time assistance.

In an era where analytics is key, the incorporation of AI-powered analytics can also help marketers quickly gather attendee behaviour data to help enable predictive recommendations for content and activities, and refine events for enhanced engagement.

Interactive digital activities, combined with an online-to-offline strategy, further helps to enhance brand education and product knowledge-sharing, driving engagement across social media platforms and e-stores.

Yong added that brands that thrive on consumer insights and personalisation, such as those in the retail, tech, and FMCG sectors, will benefit from the AI-driven mobile event space immensely because the solutions allow for real-time adaptation and targeted marketing, making every interaction count.

Some other key features of Unicom Marketing’s AI-powered truck include:

  • Smart LED content management: Content on LED screens adapts in real-time based on weather conditions, demographics, geography, and timing. This personalised approach tailors content to resonate with the target audience’s behaviour and preferences.
  • Beacon crowd calculation: Using beacon technology, crowd estimation enhances event planning and management by providing real-time insights into attendee traffic.
  • Image recognition: Leveraging image recognition technology enhances interaction and engagement, creating immersive experiences for attendees.
  • Live dashboard reporting: A live reporting dashboard allows for instant monitoring and assessment of event performance, offering valuable insights for improvements.
  • Interactive IoT for engagement: Incorporating touchscreens, vending machines, motion sensors, and digital mini-games fosters engaging interactions and memorable experiences for participants.
  • Go-green adoption: Embracing sustainability with the adoption of batteries, LED screens with power efficiency ratings, and usage of sustainable materials such as recycled wood and biodegradable stickers for Unicom Marketing’s trucks.

What does the future hold?

According to Yong, leading brands today are those that are “willing to step outside the box” to blend creativity with data-driven insights.

“Our best clients are visionary, collaborative, and open to innovation. They are brands looking to create meaningful connections with their audience. Such clients usually value both the message and the medium with which it was delivered,” he said.

Commenting on the future, he added in 2024, the continued rise of physical experiences – where physical and digital worlds blend to create hybrid events – will remain.

“As technology advances, these experiences will become more curated and immersive. We are already reaching the stage of 5D events and I believe this is where the industry is headed,” he said.

This post was written in collaboration with Unicom Marketing.

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