Real-Time Advertising Landscape: Case study – Generating brand awareness through real-time interactions

Outdoor advertising is a viable platform to create exciting, innovative and creative campaigns with real-time advertising, creating memorable experiences and potentially leading to viral campaigns. Here, we’ll be showing three campaigns with three different means of real-time interactions.

#IAMJUICYCOUTURE – on-the-spot street sampling

Juicy Couture ran a campaign with Mediacorp OOH Media in October 2015 to promote its new fragrance #IAMJUICYCOUTURE with ambassador Behati Prinsloo by creating a bold campaign that created personal engagement opportunities for the public to interact with the Juicy Couture brand.

Two interactive panels resembling the #IAMJUICYCOUTURE perfume bottle were installed at The Heeren and Fullerton Hotel, giving the public a fi rst-hand experience in wearing the Juicy Couture fragrance without being physically in-store. Actual bottles of the fragrances were prominently displayed for public sampling in these 6-sheet panels, and on-the-spot perfume samples were sprayed on the public’s wrists when motion sensors detected a hand on the panel.

Upon wearing the perfume, they could choose to redeem a sample vial of the fragrance at participating retailers by scanning the QR code. Across the month, there were 50,000 trials at the interactive panels. Eighteen per cent of the public redeemed sample vials after sampling at the bus shelters compared with the usual redemption rate on other media platforms of about 2%. Sales of the perfume also increased, having a 38% purchase rate from consumers who tried the sample vials.

Kindness. It’s up to us – rallying the public through interactive voting

The Singapore Kindness Movement worked with Mediacorp OOH Media to challenge Singaporeans to not only acknowledge a nation of kindness starts with every individual, but to make the conscious decision to act out one’s innate kindness despite their reservations. It did fi ve prominent bus shelter panels – within walking distance from the CBD and shopping districts – to become interactive voting panels with electronic counters to show the public’s collective response. Upon seeing a scenario of an irate customer ranting at a waitress for spilling his drink, members of the public reacted by pressing one out of three buttons on the panel, be it to take a video and post it online, to intervene and try to calm things down or to do nothing and mind their own business.

This reached out to a vast number of locals and tourists, allowing the public to see their responses resonating with the rest of the community as these responses were immediately recorded on the panel in real-time. Within the initial campaign period, about 12,000 interactions were recorded, with most people choosing to intervene and try to calm things down at 5,311 interactions.

Have fun in the sun with Rui En – generating buzz through virtual interactions

L’Oréal Paris Singapore worked with Mediacorp OOH Media to educate people on the importance of sun protection, and to create numerous personal engagement opportunities for the public to interact with the brand.

As part of the relaunch of its L’Oréal Paris UV Mist, the fi rst sprayon sunscreen for the face, a 6-sheet interactive digital screen featured L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador Rui En. Upon detection of people standing around the interactive panel using motion sensors, Rui En started promoting the features of the UV Mist to the public before inviting them to mimic the action of applying the UV Mist by waving along with her. At the end of a successful interaction, they could snap a photo of the barcode presented on the screen to enjoy a S$9 discount off the UV Mist at Guardian, Watsons and Sasa stores island-wide.

The utilisation of Mediacorp’s star power and technological advancements brought about the success of this campaign. It generated a lot of buzz online with 223,285 views and 7,900 Facebook interactions on the viral video posted by Rui En’s fan club Facebook page. The creative executions demonstrated how out-of-home is still able to gain traction in Singapore by creating memorable engagements which builds customer relationships and enhances future advertising experiences.