Radio's life line strong in Malaysia

Radio stations have been amping up its online presence and definitely not in vain. A recent Nielsen survey reports that the amount of radio listeners have increased to 17.1 million, peaking at 93.1% every week as compared to 92% last year.

The results showed that more than half o f the audience are dedicated and loyal listeners, with less than half switching between stations at random. However, the research also revealed that less people are spending time listening to the radio across all languages, despite a hike in the number of listeners.

Kudsia Kahar, president of Commercial Radio Malaysia (CRM), said that the numbers may be misleading as digital consumption of radio is not researched by Nielsen.

“More people listen to radio on various digital platforms – and this is not accounted for in the research for participating stations. Each station will have to get a reading of their own digital audience numbers, currently available only via our streaming service providers, to determine a more realistic figure.”

Kahar also adds that she believes that radio, though no longer the top choice for new music discovery among the younger demographic, still has the ability to connect with audiences the lively chatter and interactivity between the presenter and listeners.

Astro Radio’s ERA retains the top ranking with 4.66 million weekly audiences, followed by SINAR (3.5 million), SRG’s SURIA (2.23 million) and IKIM (705,000) for Bahasa Malaysia stations.

For the Chinese stations, Astro Radio’s My FM takes the lead with 2.05 million listeners with SRG’s 988 (1.64 million) and Media Prima’s One FM (918,000) trailing behind. accounts for a majority of English-speaking audience with 1.09 million and FLY FM a steady 375,000 listeners.